07 February 2010

90th COG - The 3rd Annual iGene Awards

Heeeere she is - Miss Amer . . .Ooops, sorry, wrong award show.

I don't know how I could have mixed up the 3rd annual Academy of Genealogy and Family History iGene Awards. The only awards show where everyone's a winner because you are the judge and jury of your own blog! That's right for three years running, the COG allows you the blogger to showcase your best work from the previous year.

So without further ado, here are the five categories and the winners:

Best Picture - Best old family photo that appeared on your blog in 2009. Tell us which you liked best and why.

This photo of my mother and her parents tell of a carefree, happy lifestyle that the family enjoyed right before World War II broke out. It was a time when everyone who lived in small towns went downtown on a Saturday to stroll the sidewalks, do their shopping, visit with friends.

Best Screen Play - Which family story that you shared in 2009 would make the best movie? Who would you cast as your family members?

Without a doubt the winner is:

THE PROBLEM WITH PAULINE - PART NINE. [ Well actually the movie would be parts one through nine. It's just that part nine was the only one written in 2009 and rules are rules you know!]

Part nine of "The Problem With Pauline" is the last before it went on hiatus. If you have not heard of Pauline and her problem you can catch up to speed by reading the previous posts (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven and Part Eight)

Mae West will play Pauline Sheern who in 1875 marries Dr. George B. Sanford in Neosho County, Kansas, disappears for 25 years and finally resurfaces as Helen Hunt, a "proprietress" of a "Rooming House" (yeah, that's what they called it in 1900 Boise, Idaho - a proprietress - Ha!) The 150 thoroughbred chickens and her old horse will portray themselves.

W. C. Fields will play Pauline's husband Dr. George B. Sanford the dentist. From all the newspaper articles that tell us of George's misadventures in Kansas City, one can only assume that he like to tip the bottle.

Best Documentary - Which was the best informational article you wrote about a place, thing, or event involving your family's history in 2009?

THE TITANIC, A GUGGENHEIM TRAGEDY was about my sister-in-law's family. I just love the last words spoken by Benjamin Guggenheim:

"We've dressed in our best, and are prepared to go down like gentlemen. Tell my wife I did my best in doing my duty."

This he has the cajones to say with a straight face as his mistress is being lowered into one of the lifeboats!

Best Biography - Which was the best biographical article you wrote in 2009?

Again those darn judges could not make up their minds and so two shall share the golden statue:



Best Comedy - Which was the best funny story, poem, joke, photo, or video that you shared on your blog in 2009?




Take your pick, either one - they just about wiped out my "Get Out Of Hell Free Card" account.

I would like to thank the Academy for the opportunity brag and be a show off. But most of all to Jasia - the Hostess with the Mostess"

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  1. Loved your posts. And the two winners of the Best Comedy made my day!