28 August 2010

Hey Seaver! Here I Am.

Randy Seaver over at GeneaMusings is having his regular Saturday Night Genealogy Fun party. He really means to have fun this week. I don't want to spoil it so head on over and check it out yourself.

Seaver also asks where I've been lately. How nice to be missed. Not missed enough to call out the National Guard or put my face on milk cartons though. What's up with that?

I haven't blogged in some time and I feel just awful about it. The reason, I am thrilled to say, is that business has picked up and I have been working my tail off. I will share what a typical day has been like for me in a future post. The post I wrote about starting a new genealogy business was so well received so I have more on the way.

I also took a week (an entire 7 days) and went to Rio del Mar. For those who are not familiar with California, Rio del Mar is a little town on the northern California coast about 8 miles south of Santa Cruz and about 40 miles south of San Francisco.

I spent 7 days doing absolutely NOTHING! It was heaven.

I am also participating in what I feel is a very worthwhile and interesting project. LowCountry Africana has partnered with Footnote.com to index estate inventories from South Carolina for the years 1732 to 1872. This database is a free one at Footnote. Some of the inventories are so detailed it makes you feel like you are there. They have put out a call for volunteers to index just 10 pages. If enough people did 10 pages each, the project would be finished in no time at all. AND there is a reward! On top of feeling good for giving back to the genealogical community you will get this groovy badge to place on your blog.

And finally, here is someone who is truly showing me some love!

12 August 2010

The Graveyard Rabbit Doth Hath Charm

If I had one word to describe Terry Thornton it would have to be CHARMING. He was a true Southern Gentleman and Scholar. It was almost two years ago that Terry first approached me with the notion of The Graveyard Rabbit Association. I was flattered beyond belief that he thought me worthy to be a charter member.

In September 2008, one of the best blogging memes by far was created by Terry - "Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About ____". Genealogy bloggers were growing in numbers very quickly and Terry felt that if we all got to know one another a little better it would help solidify us as a community. We were to showcase 3 of you best posts: The Brightest, The Breeziest and the Most Beautiful. It was in writing
that post I felt that I was becoming a better writer. Not the best, but better and it finally gave me the confidence in myself to keep writing.

I will never forget Terry's own post to the meme. He opened it with an audio file. He sang (a Capella no less!) "Getting To Know You" from musical "The King and I." What I wouldn't give to hear it one more time.

The world is a better and more beautiful place because of Terry Thornton. I am thankful he touched my life.

06 August 2010

But I Feel So Much Older Than 2!


I am 2 years old! My children tell me I act like a 2 years old as well. Those mean boys are constantly telling me to "Grow Up."

Well I think that I have done alot of growing in the last 2 years. I have a network of absolutely the grooviest people who encourage and support me in everything I do. I am speaking of course of the group of humans called the "Geneabloggers."

You people have given me the cajones (that's Spanish for courage y'all) to accomplish anything I set my mind to do.

So celebrate with me - take a few minutes and just do something silly. Like next time you are in the frozen food section of the grocery store, do a little dance. Or get out that lawn mower, put on your bathing suit and rock on. Whatever you do, I want to hear about it. "Get Out of Hell Free" cards will be sent upon request - no questions asked.

I am a genealogist, a historical researcher and I do spend alot of time being serious. But I always reward myself with moments like this:

The Genie is in the house!
(that just cost me 5 "Get Out of Hell Free" cards.)