21 October 2010

A Halloween Gift Just For You

Time for some video fun starring Kerry Scott from Clue Wagon as Frankenstein's Bride, Randy Seaver from GeneaMusings as Frankenstein, Bill West from West In New England as the mummy, Craig Manson from Geneablogie returns again this year as the vampire and Me of , well . . .um here.

08 October 2010

Familiar Faces at the Family History Expo

Amy Coffin, Thomas MacEntee, Kathryn Doyle, Elizabeth O'Neal and Lisa Alzo are just a few of the Geneabloggers here at the Family History Expo in Pleasanton, California.

I have to tell you the crowd here today is fantastic and I am having a wonderful time with many old friends.

More to come . . .

06 October 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its Off To The Expo I Go!

I have been waiting for this event for almost a year now. Not only will I be attending this 2 day genealogical extravaganza, I have been asked to participate!

That's right, me - a Blogger of Honor for the California Family History Expo! I am not sure exactly what is expected of me, but you can be sure I'll give it all I got! I am in geneablogger heaven when it comes to the company I will have.

Elizabeth O’Neal
Little Bytes of Life

Leah Allen
The Internet Genealogist

Lisa Alzo
The Accidental Genealogist

Bruce Buzbee
Roots Magic Blog

Amy Coffin

Lisa Louise Cooke
Genealogy Gems

Kathryn M. Doyle
California Genealogical Society and Library

Becky Wiseman

Gena Philibert Ortega
Gena's Genealogy Blog

Leland Meitzler

Craig Manson

Thomas MacEntee

Nancy Loe
Sassy Jane Genealogy

A. C. Ivory
Find My Ancestor

Janet Hovorka
The Chart Chick

Paula Hinkel
It Just Never Came Up

Jean Wilcox Hibben

Holly Hansen
Family History Expos Blog

Arlene Eakle
Arlene H Eakle's Genealogy Blog

And the Stealth Blogger - Darling Denise Levenick aka The Family Curator

And best of all????? It is only 30 minutes from my home, but I am staying the weekend shacked up with the rest of the geneabloggers in Pleasanton. I will be driving and am delirious with the knowledge I can bring as many outfits and pairs of shoes my little heart desires. I splurged on a few new outfits and if I have to change my clothes 3 times a day to get to wear them all this weekend, then so be it.

I'll be blogging live from from the Expo so stay tuned.

I Know You're Wearing Them

I know you're wearing them - your shades.

It's a good thing too because the new issue of the award winning "Shades of the Departed Magazine" has been published and is waiting just for you to read.

110 pages of Awesome-ness. What are you waiting for?

05 October 2010

If You Really Knew Them

It is not often something touches my heart so very deeply, but there have been two discussions recently in the world of Geneabloggers that have done just that.

George Morgan graciously opened his life experience to everyone in a post at Facebook and now Ruth Coker Burkes, author of
last2cu, has done the same with "If You Really Knew Me" . I encourage you to read about their experiences.

02 October 2010

Re-Living A Little Bit of History

Today I will be re-living a bit of history. 87 years ago, El Toyon Chapter NSDAR placed a bronze plaque on a tree marking the spot that Captain John C. Fremont and the members of his expedition made camp on 26 March 1844. The spot was on the property of the "Dodge House", home to founding members of El Toyon Chapter Emily Dodge and her sister Anna Dodge. Several years ago the tree was removed and the plaque was given to the San Joaquin Historical Museum for safe-keeping.

Today, 87 years later, the plaque will be installed on the restored Dodge House during a re-dedication ceremony.

In 1923 El Toyon Chapter NSDAR placed a bronze plaque marking the spot where John C. Fremont and the members of his expedition made camp in 1844