21 December 2010

"Seaver and the Citations"

It is time for my annual Christmas video. I was a little tired of the Elves and Santa, so I have done something REALLY different. May I present -


Starring Randy Seaver, Bill West, Craig Manson, Elizabeth O'Neal and yours truly. We take caroling to a place far, far away where it has never been before.

05 December 2010

SNGF - My d'Aboville Numbers

When Saturday night rolls around, here at Camp Fenley we try to make the scene over at Randy Seaver's place GeneaMusings for his weekly Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.

For fun and games this week, Seaver asks,

1) Do you know what a d'Aboville numbering system is? A clear description of it is in the Encyclopedia of Genealogy here, and on Wikipedia here. Pretty neat numbering system, isn't it?

2) What are your own d'Aboville numbers for your four lines of your grandparents (starting with the first known person in the paternal line)? Your genealogy software program may be able to help you with this [Family tree Maker 2011, RootsMagic 4 and Legacy Family Tree 7 can, but Family Tree Maker 16 and earlier cannot].

It looked like a huge math problem to me. Luckily, I have RootsMagic 4 and in no time at all, I had my numbers for each of my four grandparents paternal lines :

From HEINRICH BEFORT (1761- ? ) my number is =

From J. FRED BORGSTADTER (1853-1929) my number is =

From LEWIS T. HARRIS (1810-1836) my number is =

From THOMAS SKILLMAN (1639-1699) my number is =

01 December 2010

"There's One In Every Family" - 100th COG

There's one in every family, the odd man out. The square peg who tries to conform to a world made of round holes. In my family, the oddity is me.

I was raised in a white, middle class, polly purebred environment. The eldest child and only daughter (I have a truckload of younger brothers) of midwestern transplants who were determined to live the American Dream. We weren't the Rockefellers, but we had a very comfortable life. We could have given Ward and June Cleaver lessons in becoming the ideal family.

So with such a great start, what the hell happened? I am pretty sure that I am not the daughter my mother always dreamed of having. But in all fairness to me, there were warning signs that mummy dahling obviously failed to recognize. I present to you my evidence:

1962 - My first party hat

2002 - My umpteenth party hat

1968 - I traded in this veil

For this veil in 2008


1959 - I went from riding this

To this in 2009


And behavior like this

Will surely lead me to this