21 November 2012

Ketchup and Thanksgiving, This Is Not A Drive By

It's been close to a month since I've written to you my poor neglected blog.  

While away, I have accomplished many, many good things.

My DAR Chapter placed an historical marker on the spot where Kit Carson - scout for the Fremont Expedition - made camp in 1843 right here in San Joaquin County.  

I was elected to the Board for the Association of Professional Genealogists.  I begin my 2 year term in January.

I was on a discussion panel about online resources at the Family History Day at the California State Archives in Sacramento.

I presented a little workshop at the California Genealogical Society in Oakland about different places to put your family tree online. 

Speaking of online family trees, A recent article seems to have rubbed many a genealogist the wrong way.  Amy Coffin of the  WeTree Genealogy Blog and Debbie Mascot of Mascot Manor share their thoughts on said article.  I have to agree with Amy and Debbie.   

I understand where the author (who is a board certified genealogist) is coming from, but OUCH!  There are many who already think that the BCG are snobby and this article just added fuel to that flame.  The article does come across as snobby and condescending.  

As you may remember, last April I submitted my preliminary application to the Board for Certification of Genealogists which "started the clock" giving me one year to submit a portfolio to be reviewed and judged by 3 board certified genealogists.

Validation - that's the name of my game, my reason for attempting for certification.  If you ask any of the 246 people who have submitted successful portfolios why they did it, I think you'll get 246 different answers.  But I certainly don't think I am a snob for wanting to be certified. But just in case anyone thinks I have maybe gone to the "dark side" by wanting certification, have a look below.  I just can't help myself.