18 September 2009

Got Buddha? Stockton Does

The Wat Dharmararam Buddhist Temple here in Stockton has got something you'll not find anywhere in California and perhaps not even in the entire United States.

Resident artist and Buddhist Master Kong Tith says that Buddha comes to him in his dreams and tells him to create giant sculptures. Beginning in 2003, Tith and his fellow monks created over 90 colorful and larger than life jewel encrusted statues to celebrate the life and story of Siddhartha Gautama, who would become Buddha.

While most all of the statues are 10 to 15 feet tall, the main attraction is 50 foot long, 12 foot high reclining Buddha.

This exhibit represents the faith and culture of a Cambodian refugee community whose religion was battered under communist rule. It is also a perfect example of how to keep and preserve cultural heritage alive for generations to come. The Temple, located at 3732 Carpenter Road in southeast Stockton, is open 7 days a week during daylight hours and is free of charge.

11 September 2009

I Know You Got Your Shades On !

I know you got your shades on. . . and you're ready to follow me back in time to where "The Year Was 1923."

For those of you who are new to my blog and aren't quite ready to follow blindly, I'll explain -

The second Saturday of each month I write a column called "The Year Was" each month being a completely random year that I research and then take you back in time to see for yourself what the time era was like.

My column is just a little bitty part of the "Weekend With Shades" series, an online publication by "Shades of the Departed", which footnoteMaven is the brain and mothership for the whole kit and kaboodle.

So come on - follow me back in time to "The Year Was" -All the Cool Kids Do!

09 September 2009

Trading Cards, Get Your Trading Cards

Want to make your very own trading card? Go to Big Huge Labs, upload your photo and then customize as you please. I went to the site after my friend made the one for me. It is so easy to do, even a tech-challenged blonde like me was able to follow the directions.

Take a minute or two and check it out. I already showed you mine, let's see yours!

A Simply Brilliant Idea!

So I have this friend of mine who is but a mere mortal. He does not blog, he has no interest in genealogy or historical research. He does have a sharp mind and every now and then comes up with some lulus. He has come to the conclusion the Geneabloggers are like a big team. And when you have a winning team what is the next logical step????


He tells me that I need to have another card with me in my party hat and another where I look like a PTA mom. All the bloggers get trading cards made up and then we all collect each others cards and the fun we could all have from this is endless!

I told him that I would throw it out there and let the people come to their own conclusions. And then he said, " You would really put this on your blog?" And so I told him, "But of course, they have all learned to expect this kind of behaviour from me."

06 September 2009

School Days in Kansas

The 16th Edition of Smile For The Camera is "School Days." Now I could have dug up the photo of me - the "Petite Flower" - in my Catholic school uniform, but I found out that there are some people who pay good money for photos like that so I am saving that photo for a rainy day. My boys threatened not to come home for Christmas if I used one of their photos. I have one of my mother's first day at kindergarten and she is wearing a nurse costume, but here again, I will save that one for a rainy day.

I had to dig deep in the suitcase o' photos, but I found one that you should enjoy just as much.

This is the class photo of Maple Grove School in District 46, Allen County, Kansas. It was taken 29 April 1908. The girl holding the sign is the sister of my great grandfather Hillary T. Harris. Her name is Hazel Elizabeth Harris born 9 November 1900 in Elsmore, Allen County, Kansas. In the 1905 Kansas State census and the 1910 federal census the Harris family are living in the same place - just outside the town of Elsmore. My best educated guess is that Maple Grove School is near Elsmore.

I thought this was an interesting photo as far as class photos go because it is actually a postcard. Does anyone out there know if this was usually done with classroom photos?

02 September 2009

Follow Up To My New Image

So this morning I have my very first speaking gig. At 7:00 am - yes in the morning. I should get some kind of award for even being awake at 7:00 in the morning.

Anydoodle, after much anguish over what in the hell am I going to talk about (They asked me to just talk about genealogy) I decide to give them "The Problem With Pauline." I am thinking it is an interesting and entertaining story and it would dazzle them with my brilliant research.

When I finish my presentation and open the floor to questions, the very first one I am asked is:

"What is the significance of you wearing the genie costume?"

I replied, in my best educated and scholarly voice, "Because I am a genie-ologist, I am a barrel of laughs and well because someone had to do it."

I am thinking that perhaps the lecture circuit is not ready for me.

UPDATE: It appears that many of you thought I wore the genie outfit to the speaking gig. No, no I was dressed as a normal human being (it was 7 am for crying out loud!). The lady asking the question was referring to the photo I use for my profile that I recently changed. So now perhaps you see why I was disappointed that after my brilliant presentation the first question I am asked is about the photo of me in a genie costume. Sigh.