01 November 2014

Northern California APG Chapter Welcomes Judy Russell!

Genealogists from the Northern California APG Chapter had cause to celebrate.  The San Francisco Giants were rewarded with a parade in San Francisco today for winning the World Series.  We had a Major League player from the genealogical community share a meal and hours of great stories with us.

Judy Russell, Carolyn Ybarra & Corey Oiesen

Judy Russell, The Legal Genealogist, is in Cali Land to give a day long seminar on Saturday for the San Mateo County Genealogical Society.  They had all kinds of plans for Judy this weekend, but SMCGS president Christine Green thought the Northern California APG Chapter might enjoy some face time with Judy as well.  Fifteen of us traveled from all over the Bay Area  and Stockton for this wonderful opportunity.

(back row)  Carolyn Ybarra, Corey Oieson, Janice Sellers
(front row)  Linda Okazaki  & Christine Green

NorCal APG members who joined us for lunch were:  Ellen Fernandez-Sacco (president of the California Genealogical Society), Jeff Vaillant (immediate past president of CGS), Corey Oiesen  ( APG Publicity Chair & CSGA Newsletter Editor ), Kim Cotton (vice president of CGS), Lisa Gorrell ( secretary for CGS), Joyce Morey (SMCGS), Todd Armstrong (CGS), Linda Okazaki (CGS), Christine Green (president SMCGS), Carolyn Ybarra, Janice Sellers and representing the San Joaquin Genealogical Society from Stockton was Jacqi Stevens (vice president) and myself (president).

Jeff Vaillant, Jacqi Stevens, My Empty Chair (I was the photographer for the day), Kim Cotton, Linda Okazaki & Christine Green

Judy had no problem at all feeling right at home with our group.  From the moment she arrived at the restaurant until we all walked out the door (3 hours later), it was non-stop story telling and sharing our most exciting genealogical discoveries.

Kin Cotton, My Empty Chair,  Jacqi Stevens, Jeff Vaillant & Lisa Gorrell

I absolutely love our Northern California group of people.  We do things a little different from other APG Chapters.  For instance - we do not have elected officers (no one is the boss of us :)), we don't charge dues and we don't have traditional chapter meetings.  Instead, one of us makes arrangements with a Northern California library, archives, etc for a "behind the scenes" tour and then we go out to lunch.  This formula seems to work for us and personally I accomplish more networking during one of our field trips than I do anywhere else.  We are a very friendly and happy group of people and welcome any member of  the Association of Professional Genealogists to join us on any of our field trips.  

Ellen Fernandez-Sacco, Todd Armstrong & Joyce Morey

Thank you Judy Russell for sharing your afternoon with us!