30 August 2008

The Problem With Pauline - Part 6

We are back in Boise Idaho and Helen Hunt aka Pauline Sanford. I had enlisted the services of a volunteer to find what she could about Helen Hunt at the Idaho State Historical Society. I was delighted to get a copy of Helen's will and some court documents from her probate. While it certainly adds needed information to our story, I am convinced that this is not the ENTIRE probate file.

October 20, 1917 Helen's will was filed in the Probate Court with Mary McGenley and Charles Koelsch swearing that they were present when Helen made and signed the will. November 2, 1917 the Probate Court issued a Certificate of Proof of Will and the Facts Found. Here are the best bits of Helen's will:

1. Dated July 31, 1909, Helen first requests that all of her just debts and funeral expenses be paid. Then why did Pauline's brother John have to pay for the funeral costs? Helen didn't leave him a dime!

2. Helen leaves $500 to each of her four nieces - Frieda, Helen, Marie and Kathryn ( all daughters of her sister Ada Markgraf).

3. Helen leaves the remainder of her estate, real and personal, to her two sisters Ada Markgraf and Minnie Herhold to share and share alike. She "nominates" sister Ada to be the sole executor of her will. Ada must have declined being the executor because also on November 2, 1917 Cyril A. Prouty is appointed as administrator of the estate. Cyril is the husband of Freida Markgraf, Pauline/Helen's niece.

4. And lastly she revokes any and all previous wills in particular one dated 8 February 1905. I would like to see the previous will, I wonder what was in it that she specifically recants and declares it null and void.

Coming up next: Pauline/Helen the Real Estate Tycoon.

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