07 February 2009

Nuns With Guns

I'll bet you are asking yourself right now - "What does this picture have to do with genealogy?"

My answer to that is - Nothing .

But my purpose for this blog is twofold, genealogy and education. So here comes the part about education.

As some of you know, I was practically raised by nuns. Well....I attended Catholic school until I entered high school....same thing.

The life of a nun has certainly changed from when I used to hang with the sisters. If the photo above does not convince you, just take a look at these blogs authored by "Honest-To-God-Bona-Fide-Catholic-Nuns":

Note: This was one of the hardest posts I have ever written. I was severely impaired by the tears in my eyes from uncontrolled bouts of laughter.

Note #2: I am certain that I am in trouble for this, therefore I am opting to use one of my "Get-Out-Of-Hell-Free" cards which is shown below.

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