26 December 2011

My Other Life

Because of the posts written by Leah Kleylein over at Random Notes and by Susan Peterson over at Long Lost Relatives, I feel the need to reveal what occupies my time when genealogy doesn't.

I used to think that those who watched television were akin to those who worshipped Satan.  In the last year or so, the Devil took me by the hand and showed me the way to Hell.  The current list of shows I NEVER miss:

Big Bang Theory
Modern Family
Raising Hope
I Hate My Teenage Daughter

Body of Proof
All the Alphabet Shows
Boardwalk Empire
Hell on Wheels
The Closer
Pan Am
Prime Suspect

The Sing Off
Dancing With The Stars
So You Think You Can Dance

The Event
Being Human
Once Upon A Time
Falling Skies

I have fallen further into the Unholy Abyss with my addiction to playing games like Angry Birds, Gardens of Time, Hot Shot, Mah Jong and Word Whomp Whackdown.

As if that weren't enough, I have also fallen prey to timesuckers such as Jibjab, Imagechef,  Smurf Yourself and FunnyWow.

I try to redeem myself with puzzles because it almost like doing science, right?   I can spend hours with word logic puzzles.  However that usually leads me to the jigsaw puzzle.  There is ALWAYS a jigsaw puzzle in progress on my dining room table.  I can't pass by the table without stopping to fit a piece or two in.

Of course I do all of the above while listening and dancing to music from the Black Eyed Peas, Adele, Matchbox Twenty, Maroon 5, Pussycat Dolls and Lady Gaga.

So what evilalities (yes it is a word, I just now made it up)  occupy your time?????


  1. I love a jigsaw puzzle! I had a friend that I would go to her house and do one with her and her husband. I would come in and kick a$$ on it. They would get so mad.

    I just learned that my nine year old niece likes them too and we did one together and I cannot wait to do another.

    I started doing them before I even started Kindergarden. My paternal grandmother always had one under her tablecloth in her dining room. I learned on the 1000 piece puzzles, unlike most kids that learn on the larger pieces. (Thought I would tie it back to my family history).

  2. Actually, I thought it was spelled "evilatte." ;)

    Can you tell I'm up for coffee?????!

  3. My wife has packed a jigsaw puzzle for our trip to Austin for a holiday with grandkids and other two daughters and family... January is our jigsaw puzzle month! ;-)

  4. OMG! Since we found ourselves with an empty nest this fall, we too were led into the abyss by Satan, rediscovering TV. We were shocked to discover that Modern Family wasn't in its first season so we gave each other the first two seasons on dvd for Christmas.

    We are now Sing Off and X Factor groupies much to the surprise of our children when they came home for the holidays.

    I cant go to bed at night until I watch that days episode of The Closer that I recorded .

    We also go on almost daily walks/hikes with the dog. That's a really good thing. Just ask the dog.

  5. BRB downloading Gardens of Time....

  6. This is great, Sheri! Lately my husband and I have turned to the dark side, eating dinner in the family room in front of the TV. Our favorite is Castle--aka "Murder and Meatballs." Is it possible to be addicted to the DVR?

  7. Evilaties! LOL. I read a lot(lovely, lovely Kindle) and also like word puzzles (Word Mole on my Blackberry). I've been without a TV for well over 5 years. I sent it for recycling in a spur of the moment bolshy protest over the UK TV licence fee. Don't miss it much :-)

  8. BAZINGA! I LOVE Big Bang Theory. I try not to miss it or How I Met Your Mother. The rest of TV I can usually leave alone and have for years.

    I prefer to read, hang out with my boys, do crossword puzzles, play Blokus (logic puzzle game), listen to the same music you do and add in some country (Lady Antebellum and Gloriana and Rascal Flatts). I watch my 6 year old Tyler do jigsaw puzzles. He says I can help but then doesn't let me. He's a puzzle master and has been for years.

    I also drink a lot of coffee at home and at Starbucks with friends (and while I do genealogy).

    I love to go to the movies and have lunch or dinner with my girlfriends.

    Great post Sheri!!

  9. Oh Sheri Sheri Sheri...where is Criminal Minds on your viewing list??? :) If you really want to transition over to the dark side you must start watching.

  10. Oh Jenna, Jenna, Jenna! I tried to watch it a few times and it scared the crap out of me! Not really gory just a real mind ____!

    Terri - If I can try to tie puzzles to science then you can tie it to family history!

    Jacqi - Coffee on Wednesday!

    Dr. Bill - A whole month of puzzling?

    Michelle - It is amazing how fast we get over the empty nest thing

    Alex - You better friend me at the Garden!

    Shelley - Murder & Meatballs! LOL

    Jo - I would have to hurt anyone who tried to throw my TV out!

    Susan - We are all pretty much alike, no?

    Jen - Bazinga right back at ya!

  11. Sheri, GREAT POST! Yes, I meant to yell that because nothing else would express how totally siked (is that the right spelling?) about your post.

    I have been in such a trance lately with all of the time suckers that you mentioned. Every time I think of doing a blog post or enter information into my family tree database,I get "sidetracked" with one of the time suckers. Maybe this should be a New Year's resolution for me....I'll have to think about that.

    Lastly, I love to do jigsaw puzzles. When it is finished I will glue it, let it dry, frame it and use it for art work in my house. Cheap, fun and pretty.

  12. Sheri -

    What a great post! In my other life, I work at a public library, and then when I am off, I enjoy my 2 grandsons, and loads of other members in my extended family. There is always a birthday, wedding, or picnic just around the bend!

  13. my father was always doing jigsaw puzzles, infact Deborah, you mentioned about gluing and framing, I have two of his that were just that. One is hanging in my office.
    Sheri I love Prime Suspect also, so of course that is why they are taking that off! and you and I share a couple of games on Facebook!

  14. Sheri - did you know you can do jigsaws on the computer? Crazy4jigsaws.com is one place & the other is under the comics section on msnbc - my husband got me addicted! Nice to know you are enjoying yourself! Happy New Year!

  15. A rare guilty pleasure ... Ab Fab re-runs!

  16. A rare guilty pleasure ... Ab Fab re-runs!

  17. Brenda Baby! I wish there were a station that had "Absolutely Fabulous" on. I adore that show!

  18. LOL Sheri! I forgot to mention in my post that I'm a Pioneer Trail fiend on facebook!! Oh how I despise Zynga for what they've done to me! :-)

  19. I tried to friend you in Gardens of Time but i think it was a bit of an email fail...