11 August 2017

Selected Genealogical Abstracts From The California Statutes - 1869-1870

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chapter 73, pg 72
An Act concerning escheated estates

chapter 161, pg 226
An Act to protect the rights of married women

chapter 188, pg 291
An Act concerning divorces

chapter 227, pg 328
An Act relating to the care and custody of minor childrern

chapter 230, pg 330
An Act to prevent the kidnapping and importation of Mongolian, Chinese and Japanese females for criminal or demoralizing purposes

chapter 231, pg 332
An Act to prevent the importation of Chinese criminals and to prevent the establishment of Coolie slavery

chapter 237, pg 338
An Act authorizing the Trustees of the San Francisco Lying-in Hospital and Foundling Asylum to take charge of, bind out and give away children coming under their care

chapter 295, pg 400
An Act to regulate the settlement of the estates of deceased persons

chapter 296, pg 400
An Act to regulate the settlement of the estates of deceased persons

chapter 385, pg 530
An Act providing for the adoption of minors and the legitimizing of children born out of wedlock

chapter 404, pg 569
An Act to regulate the rights of mine owners

chapter 530, pg 791
An Act to provide for the appointment and prescribe the duties of guardians

chapter 533, pg 793
An Act to regulate the settlement of the estates of deceased persons

chapter 534, pg 798
An Act to provide for the recording of certified copies of final decrees of partition of real estate


chapter 96, pg 93
Authorizing Bridget Stonnah, administratrix of the estate of William Stonnah, deceased to sell real estate in the City and County of San Francisco

chapter 118, pg 109
An Act to authorize Eliza Madison Hartley, administratriax of the estate of Henry Flare Hartley, deceased, to sell real properly belonging to said estate in Sacramento County

chapter 147, pg 214
Elizabeth W. P. Keeny, administratrix of the estate of George Keeny, deceased, is authorized to sell land of said estate in Nevada County

chapter 182, pg 280
Several conveyances made by Gretta C. Thomson, late of Alameda County, now deceased, to her husband, James S. Thornton are hereby legalized

chapter 246, pg 351
An Act for the relief of Mary Likins and others. The sales of real estate belonging to the estate common of William Likins, late of Vallejo, in Solano County, deceased, purporting to be made by Mary Likins, executrix of the last will and testament of said William Likins, deceased, are hereby confirmed, and the present administrator of said estate is authorized to execute a conveyance therefore

chapter 306, pg 406
An Act to authorize Harriet Wilkins, administratrix of the estate of Henry Wilkins, deceased, to sell the real and personal estate of said Henry Wilkins, deceased in the County of Marin

chapter 368, pg 506
The guardians now or hereafter to be appointed by the Probate Court or Probate Judge of the City an County of San Francisco, of James Boyd, Jr., and Willie Alexander Boyd, infant children of Alexander Boyd, deceased, under the order and direction of the Probate Court, are hereby authorized and fully empowered to sell, at public or private sale, any and all real estate, and any right, title or interest therein, belonging to said infant children, or either of them, in this State

chapter 429, pg 622
An Art to authorize the guardian of Frank G. Bartholomew and Ralph II Bartholomew, infant heirs of Jacob Bartholomew, deceased, to sell real estate of said minors at public or private sale in Butte County

chapter 435, pg 634
An Act to authorize and empower Joshua A Neal to sell and convey all the interest, property and estate of Maria Neal and Josefa Areal, minor children of said Joshua A. and his deceased wife, Angela Bernal Neal, in certain lands in Alameda County

chapter 577, pg 881
The right is hereby granted to Frederick B. Lewis, his heirs or assigns, to appear and prosecute his claim for the recovery of real estate of James M. Lewis, deceased, described in a judgement entered in favor of the State of California 5 October 1864 in the County of Stanislaus


chapter 77, pg 77
The Assembly of the State of California entered 22 articles of impeachment to the Senate against James H. Hardy, Judge of the 16th Judicial District.  The Senate acquitted all of the articles except the 15th and pronounced the following:  James H. Hardy, being duly convicted of the high crimes and misdemeanors, is declared suspended and removed from the office of District Judge of the 16th District.  The said action was influenced by a spirit of partisan feeling and unhealthy excitement in the popular mind and that justice and the safety of the citizens require that the Legislature expunge all evidences of past vindictive legislation in the Journal of Proceedings of the Senate of the State of California.

chapter 97, pg 94
Authorizing Morton Bourn to construct and maintain a wharf and chute at Bourn's Landing on the Pacific Ocean in Mendocino County

chapter 98, pg 94
Authorizing Lew Gerlock to construct and maintain a chute and moorings at Scott's Landing on the Pacific Ocean in Mendocino County

chapter 105, pg 101
Authorizing Lyman Leslie & Paul K. Hubbs to build and maintain a wharf at the City of Vallejo in the County of Solano

chapter 106, pg 101
Authorizing Wm S. Ferguson to construct and maintain a chute and landing at Fish Rock Landing in Mendocino County and to charge and collect tolls for the use of the same

chapter 210, pg 309
The Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco are ordered to pay $13,506 in gold coin to Patrick Creighton on the contract of grading Union Street from Taylor to Larkin Street, $3390 in gold coin to James Brennan for the contract on grading Taylor Street from Bush to Sacramento Street, $2047 in gold coin to Patrick Donohue on the contract of grading Dupont Street from Francisco to Bay Street.

chapter 334, pg 441
Authorizing David N. Darlington and Isiah Hanscom to buid a wharf in Solano County

chapter 428, pg 621
Authorizing J. Bidwell and J.C. Mandeville to construct a wagon road in the counties of Butte and Plumas

chapter 432, pg 624
Lovick P. Hall and Samuel J. Garrison shall have the right to institute and prosecute to judgment an action against the County of Tulare, to recover any damages they may have sustained for the destruction, in March 1863, by violence, of their newspaper office and business at Visalia, in said county, known as the “ Equal Rights Expositor" office, printing press, materials, account books, subscription book and other property, including any injury to the building in which said printing office was kept, as well as other damages sustained by reason of the destruction of said office


chapter 45, pg 51
$225 payment to Mrs. C. T. Overton for services rendered by her husband Dr. C. T. Overton, lately deceased, as visiting physician to the State Insane Asylum

chapter 47, pg 53
$1050 payment and $360 payment to H. F. Hastings, assignee of the claim of George Seekel, Clerk of the Supreme Court

chapter 78, pg 78
$1200 in gold coin payment to James S. Houseman for moneys expended by him for clerk hire during his term as Harbormaster of the City and County of San Francisco

chapter 79, pg 78
$250 payment to Green T. Martin for 4 days service as an attorney at law in the U.S. Land Office at Stockton

chapter 84, pg 82
$1000 payment to John W. Ball for services rendered as foreman of blacksmith work at San Quentin

chapter 92, pg 89
$750 payment to John Scott for the expenses of the celebration of the 5th of July in Oakland, Alameda County

chapter 103, pg 100
$300 payment to Patrick Campbell for services rendered in grading a school lot on 8th Street between Harrison and Bryant Streets in the City and County of San Francisco

chapter 126, pg 121
$500 Payment to Henry N. Morse, Sheriff of Alameda County for services rendered in the capture and arrest of Juan Burton

chapter 207, pg 308
$493 payment to S.D. Smith for work and labor performed and material furnished by him in the State burial ground

chapter 234, pg 334
$100 payment to Charles Carvalho for services rendered as a Chinese interpreter in the cases of The People of the State of California vs. Hop Chung and The People vs. Muck San in the County of San Mateo

chapter 377, pg 518
$500 payment to J. Scott Ashman.  On 2 October 1861, James Harron killed Eugene Steddum, in the County of Fresno, and soon thereafter James Sayles, Jr., then County Judge of said county, issued a warrant for the arrest of said Harron, and the same was placed in the hands of J. Scott Ashman, then Sheriff of said county, for execution; and whereas, the said Ashman, in obedience to said warrant, did, on or about the 10th day of October 1861, arrest said Harron at Greenhorn Gulch, then situated in Tulare County, a distance of 150 miles from the county seat of said Fresno County, at a cost to him, the said Ashman, of $500; and said Ashman delivered said Harron at such county seat, and there guarded him, there being no jail in said county, until he was removed to the County of Mariposa, where on the 4th day of August 1862, the said Harron was duly convicted of murder in the second degree and sentenced to the State Prison for the term of 18 years, at which place he now is; and whereas on the 14th day of October 1866, one, John G. Downey, then Governor of this State, issued his proclamation, whereby he offered a reward of $500 for the arrest, delivery and conviction of said Harron; and whereas, said reward was offered four days subsequent to the arrest of said Harron by said Ashman, and the same was not paid to said Ashman on the ground that the arrest was made before the reward was offered; and whereas, all the requirements of the offer of reward were executed by said Ashman

chapter 379, pg 522
$292 payment to T.D. Murphy ($78), W.D. Murphy ($108), G.E. Nottage ($18), S. Malloy ($18), M.J. Bolan ($12), Courtland Wood ($12), Henry J. Quinn ($36) and Ira Thompson ($10)  all of the city and county of San Francisco for services rendered as officers of election

chapter 394, pg 550
$59.06 payment to Thomas R. Eldredge for translating into the Spanish language the Governor's Message and other public documents during the 17th Session of the Legislature

chapter 539, pg 804
$235 payment to Francis McGrath for enrolling and making out lists of all persons in the County of Amador subject to military duty

chapter 555, pg 823
$555 payment to John H. Smith for the capture of John K. Best, the murderer of Michael Flynn in San Joaquin County

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