12 August 2008

No Comments?

One last post for the day. I am new to the Genea-Blogger's world so maybe the observation I am going to make is just my naivety. The counter that tells me how many people have visited my blog tells me that over 100 people have come to my blog to give me a look-see.

100 people and not a one of them left a comment on any of my posts. Is this a normal occurrence? 100 people and not one had an opinion about my writing. Should I not take this personally? Do I need to understand that their silence doesn't mean that they did not enjoy the posts?

I guess I am nervous about being on the porch with the Big Dogs. I know that there is lots of room on the porch, but I want to share that big juicy bone they have as well.

Let me know if I am turning into a whiner.


  1. Sheri,

    You can stay on the porch if you want. The really big boys don't deign to read our blogs about our research, our games, our carnivals. Too bad - it's what blogging is really about. Fun, pleasure, sharing, etc.

    Receiving no comments is pretty typical. Eastman is the only blogger who gets a lot of comments, but that's because he has about 100,000 visits a month, and probably 200,000 page views (I haven't checked the stats recently).

    I average about 6,000 visits a month, and about 12,000 page views, but many of these are repeat readers. In the 12 days this month, I've received 25 comments on 33 posts. Pretty typical.

    People who read on RSS feeds or use bloglines have to click on a link to make a comment, as do readers on the actual web site. I think most folks don't bother unless they find a mistake or disagree with what you said.

    I would love to hear about the Perils of Pauline some day!

    Cheers -- Randy

  2. Randy made me famous this week but I feel like a porch dweller too. My Web site gets a lot of hits (from educators)but blogging is so new still to a lot of people, I wouldn't worry about comments.

    I get comments only if someone wants me to look for a gravestone or if they want me to do research.

    Randy is right. The great part about this is that we learn from each other and enjoy the postings.

  3. Sheri, we would ALL would like to have more comments. Let me ask you this, and I'm not being critical (I don't know if you have left any comments anywhere or not), how many blog posts have you commented on? If you haven't left many comments on other blog posts then you are typical of the "normal" reader and/or blogger.

    I'll admit, I do get bummed out sometimes when I write what I think is a really "great" post and get no comments. On the other hand, some posts that I think won't get any comments, get lots. And, for me at least, "lots" means more than 3 comments on a post ;-)

    Sometimes I am really impressed with a post I've read but don't leave a comment because I don't think I have anything further to add to the topic. I mean, I don't want to just say "Wow, great post" every time. LOL. But sometimes that is all I can come up with.

    I, like Randy, use a feed reader to read blogs but it only takes one click to get to a post to comment on it, and if I feel the urge, then I do. I don't think you can blame no comments on feed readers.

    No comments does not equate to no one reading. No comments does not mean that someone did or didn't like it. Chalk it up to human inertia, not lack of interest.

  4. Yep - agree with what the other three have said, especially Becky.

    FWIW, you're doing a great job. Right out of the gates you've got lots of terrific posts! Just keep doing what you're doing!

  5. Sheri, You built a blog. We will come. It just takes some of us longer to find what you've built and where.

  6. Hi Sheri -

    Welcome to the web. I hope you'll keep writing. As I've continued with blogging over the course of the past year I've continued to re-evaluate just why I am doing what I'm doing. Sometimes what we expect at the beginning is not the final reality. In my case, I hoped for lots of interest from many extended family members and found that I had more readers that weren't related. I think the bottom line is to continue writing for the enjoyment of it and when the bonus of comments and connections does come, enjoy them.

    Small-leaved Shamrock
    A light that shines again
    100 Years in America

  7. Sheri - everyone summed up my thoughts exactly! And don't forget several of those "hits" are actually spiders crawling the web. When I look at my incoming links one out of 4 will be some odd ball website that is a bunch of gobbly gook. Just a spider who has grabbed a quote & thrown it out there. Don't feel too bad! You are doing a wonderful job & I plan on adding you to my blog roll & making sure I stop by a lot more often! Thanks for your comment on my post!

  8. Sheri:

    The big dogs seldom comment. I have had two of them stop by for something of particular interest to them. They were lovely.

    Often people post off your post without comment. I've done it. So have others. (Answering or writing about one of your posts in our own posts.)

    Although blogging is immediate, recognition of your blogging isn't always.

    A long time ago (in blogging years) I wrote an article about commenting. There was a bit of a controversy brewing at the time. I wrote a post about commenting and my reasons for blogging. Take a look. I think you'll feel much better. Commenting on Commenting.