17 August 2008

Genea-Blogger Games - Day 7 and Day 8

Well we have reached the halfway point in the games. I have checked out the competition and I can tell you that everyone seems to be running neck-in neck - a 38 way tie.

I was busy with other projects the last couple of days. Important projects like trying to win back my top ranking on Word Whomp over at Facebook. Damn you Colleen, this means war! LOL

I also completed 2 new member applications for my DAR chapter. Then I had to read (4 times!) this month's article for the genealogical online study group I participate in. Oh, then I had to write my report for the San Joaquin Genealogical Society's upcoming board meeting. So you see, I was actually getting some work done.

My standings in the Genea-Blogger Games as of Day 8 are as follows:

1. Go Back and Cite Your Sources!

I have completed 30. I need to do 20 more to reach my goal of a platinum medal.

3. Organize Your Research!

I have completed 5 of the 6 events and have earned the platinum medal.

4. Write, Write, Write!

I am going for a diamond medal in this category. I have completed events B -participate in a blog carnival and C - prepare several posts in draft mode and pre-publish. I still need to finish events A - write a summary of what my blog is about and D - write a biographical sketch of one of my ancestors.

5. Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness!

I previously completed events A, B, D, E and F. I needed to complete event C -invite other genealogists to join Facebook. I invited several people from my area that are interested in family history and research to join Facebook. So far I haven't seen any of those people at the Facebook site but I shall keep nagging gently nudging them in that direction. So, with this last event completed I am taking the platinum in this category.

And now back to Word Whomp!

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