26 December 2015

Hand-Drawn Family Trees

A couple of months ago, I wrote  some articles about some unusual family history records.  One was about  Frakturs which are hand drawn, elaborate certificates of birth and marriages.  I also wrote a post about mourning paintings that memorialize a deceased loved one.

I recently came across yet another fabulous source - hand-drawn family trees that are also "Works of Art."  I can only imagine how long and painstaking a process this must have been to create the trees below:

A Victorian hand drawn family tree - "The Baker and Aufrère Families" dated 26 June 1869 by Thomas Birch, London, England

Unknown family tree found on Pinterest

Genealogy of Henry II from the Nuremburg Chronicle

Albero Family Tree

Unknown family tree found on Pinterest

Sigmund Family Tree

The art form has evidently carried forward to present time.  There are several artists who will custom draw or paint your family tree in anyway imaginable.

The drawing above is by an artist from England who sells custom drawn family trees on ETSY and you will find her site HERE.

This hand drawn family tree with painted portraits of family members is from M.L. Mural Arts

This family tree is from an artist in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

This beautiful family tree is from a website called Genea Murgia from Sweden

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