14 December 2014

Unusual Records of Death - Mourning Paintings

Mourning paintings took many forms, including watercolor on paper, silk, or ivory, and needlework of silk, cotton, or wool threads on a linen ground.  They were the tedious and exemplary work of schoolgirls, completed both as an academic exercise and as a reinforcement of the religious, literary, and historical teachings of the day.

Hurlbut Family Mourning by Sarah Hurlbut

Lemuel Hurlbut was a farmer from Newington, Hartford County, Connecticut.  He died 15 August 1808.  The other two memorials are for Hurlbut children T.H. and Hannah.

Affectionately inscribed to the memory of BENJAMIN WITT 
who died April 17 1818 Aged 68 years

This painting was done in memory of Benjamin Witt of New Braintree, Worcester County, Massachusetts,  died on April 17, 1818, at the age of 68

Masonic mourning painting for Rev. Ambrose Todd 
by Eunice Pinney

Ambrose Todd was the rector of St. Andrew's Church in Simsbury, Hartford County, Connecticut.  He was a member of the Morning Star No. 28 Lodge in East Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.

A school painted memorial by Lydia M. Daggett 
of Providence, Rhode Island

This painting is inscribed with the words:

"Consecrated to the remains of John Daggett who was born Sept 9th 1800 and died July 5th 1803. And an infant child aged 10 hours who was born June 5th 1818." 

Sacred to the memory of Mr. Nathan March

This painting was done in honor of Mr. Nathan March who died in 1811 at the age of 39 in Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts.  The painting has been handed down through time with a letter identifying the little boy on the left.

By Sally Caldwell Woods

In Memory of John Caldwell son of Capt. Seth and Mrs. Cath. Arline M. Caldwell, who died October 14th, 1822. Aged 2 years and 9 days.

Artist unknown

Left:  To the Memory of Thomas May aged 10 days
Middle:  Affectionately Inscribed to the Memory of Lucy C. May aged 4 years and 8 months
Right:  To the Memory of April May aged 6 weeks

Artist Uknown

Captain Jonathan Foster was born in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts on October 11, 1727 and died there on July 28, 1813.  He was an officer in the Revolutionary War.  He married Rebecca Doorman and they had 6 children.Jonathan and Rebecca are buried at Mount Vernon Cemetery, Boxford, Essex County, Massachusetts.

A Memorial for Isaac Dillingham by Lucretia Winslow

Isaac Dillingham was born on March 27, 1777 in Harwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts, married Abigail Winslow there, and died there on December 30, 1807.  The artist, Lucretia Winslow was the sister of Abigail Winslow Dillingham.

Brewster Family Memorial ca. 1805

This was painted in memory of Augustus, William and Mary Brewster of Windham, Connecticut.

Windham County, Connecticut ca. 1815

Sacred to the Memory of Mr. Oliver Ingals who was drowned April 10th 1815 aged 45 years 

Sacred to the Memory of Jared Ingals who died July 2nd 1812 in the eighth year of his age

ca. 1810 New England

In Memory of Alice Child, Honaree Child, Julia Child, Laura Child and Charles Child.

by Mary Ann Cowan ca. 1825

This was painted by Mary Ann Cowan in honor of her mother Eliza Kirkpatrick Cowan who lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Memorial for Diadama by Eunice Pinney  1816

"In memory of Miss Diadama Pinney who died January 22nd AD 1816 aged 19 years.

Artist unknown ca. 1807

To the Memory of Rev. Enoch Pond who departed this life August 6, 1807 aged 51 years.

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