16 June 2011

Wanted: A Photo Of Me At Jamboree That Doesn't Make Me Look Fat

Or that shows me making a funny face or looking three sheets to the wind!  Jeez Louise, 2 tiny cocktails imbibed one evening and whee! out come the cameras.  The photos containing parrots, hula skirts and sock monkey pj's are without question par for the course.

Jamboree 2011 was by far the Best Ever!  I met so many new friends and hopefully didn't scare too many away.  Geneabloggers are truly a community of fun-loving people.  My face still hurts from laughing so much.

Bloggers I met for the first time:

Diana Ritchie - Random Relatives
Caroline Pointer - Family Stories
Terri O'Connell - Finding Our Ancestors
Tonia Kendrick - Tonia's Roots
Kim von Aspern - Le Maison Duchamp
Heather Rojo - Nutfield Genealogy
Joan Miller - Luxegen Genealogy and Family History
Donna Wendt - Another Day With Donna
CeCe Moore - Your Genetic Genealogist
Angela Kraft - Leaves of Heritage
Cindy Harris - Generations of Germans
Nancy Lowe - Sassy Jane Genealogy Blog
Denise Spurlock - Denise's Life in the Past Lane
Patricia Stanard - My Genealogy Obsession
Lisa Gorrell - Mam-ma's Southern Family

If I left someone out, please let me know.

I plan another post about the educational aspect of the Grand Soiree but for now here are a few photos to tide you over.

Seated L to R - Caroline Pointer and Elizabeth O'Neal
Standing L to R - Me, Denise Levenick, Terri O'Connell and Donna Pointkouski 

The Photo Detective Maureen Taylor and daughter 

Schelly Dardashti at the MyHeritage booth

Steve Morse "stringing up" Ron Aarons

Standing L to R - CeCe Moore & Joan Miller
Seated L to R - Diana Ritchie & Caroline Pointer

L to R - Elyse Doerflinger and Janet Horvorka the "Chart Chick"

L to R - Janice Sellers, Schelly Dardashti (holding up what might be a "Get Out Of Hell Free" card), Steve Morse & 1/2 of Ron Aarons

And last but certainly not least me and the Best Roommate Ever - Elizabeth O'Neal
Photo courtesy of Kathryn Doyle - ok, ok I swiped it off the California Genealogical Society Blog, but I am a member and I am giving Kathryn her props and it is such a good pic of Elizabeth and I and I don't have a parrot on my head nor do I look really fat so I just had to have it.  Thanks Kathryn!


  1. You are so welcome, Sheri. Jamboree is too much fun!

  2. I too would love to see a photo where I do not look so big (I refuse to use the f_t word).
    It was great meeting you!

  3. Sheri, You had too good of a time! Loved seeing your photos, and I bet you are counting down until next year. I love all your posts that make me laugh, thanks.

  4. Too busy laughing to snap photos. Add pictures of you/us eating to the list of photos to nix.

    Love all of these. You don't need any Quz.

  5. Great pics! Even the one with me and my "squirrel cheeks" isn't too bad ;-) Loved meeting you 'cause you are just as much fun in person as I always pictured you from reading the great things you write on your blog. Next year I recommend we all take some "official" photos and then we can deny all the other ones!!

    (and btw, I'm not fat, I'm just height challenged!)

  6. Great pictures, Sheri! I really enjoyed meeting you, too.

  7. One of these years I will be in these blogger photos. And... the official term is "fluffy"

    Great photos all!! Have you thought about putting them on the app for all to share?