11 April 2010

How I Spent My Sunday Evening And So Should You!

Here it is Sunday evening and I have many projects that I need to finish. So what am I doing? I have spent the last four hours looking for fun things to do instead of working. You know what they say - "All work and no play makes me very cranky" - or something like that.

As you will see, it really doesn't take much to entertain me. Some of the sites I visited could actually be put to use in a genealogical way. Um, well I am sure that one could find a use if one thought very hard about it.

Anyhoo, over at a place called
Anymaking, you can upload any photo - FOR FREE - and spend a good hour or two playing with all their tools. I turned myself into a jigsaw puzzle.

Other fun effects are: Wanted posters, flames, sepia, it'll even put fur on a photo you upload. As if this wasn't enough, Anymaking also has an easy online photo editing gadget (also FREE) that let's you do all kinds of things with photos.

Image Chef is a place (also a FREE site) one can get lost in for days. there is soooo many thing you can play with here. There is a gadget called "sketch pad" that let's you use photos, symbols and text to make a kind of scrapbook page. Another fun thing is to use one of over 500 templates and add your own text to it. Like this:

And yet another tool that let's you upload any photo and insert it into one of hundreds of templates like this:

If all those don't float your boat, then how about making some money? There is a site called Personalized Money (very clever, no?) which lets you upload a photo and just like magic, you have a cash asset all your own:

They have currency from all over the world in different denominations. The other feature they offer is to put your face on a playing card. Both are Free!
And last but not least, there is a FREE software program that let's you have all kinds of fun with photos. MAGIX FunPix Maker let you stretch noses, make your dog smile or in their words:

"MAGIX FunPix Maker lets you tug on the ears and noses of crabby colleagues, melt away a friend’s beer belly, or give your boss goggle eyes"

Here are a couple of examples:

So go have some fun and show us what you come up with!


  1. I think besides all the fun we big kids can have with these sites that they are a good way to introduce children to genealogy, by using ancestral photos on these sites!

  2. How many times have I thought, "That Sheri sure is a puzzle, but knowing her is easily worth $10"?

  3. Great idea Miriam!

    Craig you silver-tongued devil, you are much to quick a wit for me!

  4. Sheri, you are a gem. I needed something like this.

  5. Sheri, I notice that you don't have a list of labels or tags down the site of your site. I think you should at least give us a spot where we can easily click on all your fun finds. Thanks for sharing these sites and examples with us.

  6. These are fantastic - thanks for giving me a new way to procrastinate;-)

  7. Wow, what fun, great idea. It could be a family project or with each child with you/ one on one time. I can't wait to play too.