16 April 2010

Conference Week - How To Survive A Week Away From Home

Awhile back I promised to share some tips on how to make your trip to a conference more enjoyable. If this is your first time away from home for any length of time, first and foremost relax - people and pets will manage to get themselves fed and the house will still be standing when you get back. Well ok, 99% of the time it will happen. See you are feeling better already!

8 hours is a long time to be totally immersed in genealogy and new people. It's even harder to try and relax when the day is done in an unfamiliar place. Do yourself a favor and make sure you bring some "comfort items" along with you. For me it is the three C's - coffee, cigarettes and cookies. Ooohh and bubble bath stuff. And my bunny slippers and toe nail polish. Oooohh and if it's been a really long day a shot of tequila certainly doesn't hurt, and . . . well you get the idea.

You can easily fit your comfort items in your suitcase when you toss out the things you won't need. Like a hairdryer. Most places you stay at provide one in your room. You can leave the ironing boards and irons at home as well as your coffee pot and TV because these are usually provided as well. I didn't know about this stuff the first time I left home, um, I mean stayed at a place other than my home for longer than a day.

Well I know already many of you are rushing to re-pack your suitcases after reading this so I won't keep you. Back again soon with more help hints to make your trip the best ever!


  1. I was getting worried when I saw the 3C's,since I don't even like cookies; but you saved the day with a shot of tequila! Move over hairdryer.

  2. It's so nice that they now make ummmm....adult beverages in those convenient little travel sizes! And I find that they fit nicely IN the bunny slippers for traveling. Seriously - I always pack a few small bottles in my shoes and they always arrive safely. A nice little nip of something makes any place feel like home ;-)

  3. Mother,

    Do NOT have tequila in the room. Any other form of adult beverage is okay, but NO TEQUILA. I will tell you all about the Tequila Incident when we are there. ;-)