28 September 2008

Phreaky Photo Challenge

Colleen McHugh over at Orations of OMcHodoy has issued a challenge to all genea-bloggers: go to Yearbookyourself.com and create one or more photos of yourself using their graphic interface. Then create a post of your phreaky photos and Colleen will roll them all up into one big post!
This was really fun to do. Thanks Colleen for the diversion and the break from writing. Some of the photos didn't come out very good because I couldn't get my face into the template they provided straight. So I am only showing the ones that don't make me look like a mutant space creature.

The years I "posed" for these photos are:
Top Row from left to right - 1952 1962 1964
Bottom Row from left to right - 1974 1990 1996

1 comment:

  1. That's really weird stuff! I gave it a go but the photo I chose made me look like a had a beard (I don't) and I didn't save any of them. Plus the glasses I already wear gave me four-eyes when the 50s glasses went on over the top! A lot of fun, thanks for sharing yours with us!