23 September 2014

And the Award for County Clerk of the Year Goes To. . .

Jarrod Fritz
County Clerk of Fleming County, Kentucky

This morning I sent an email to Mr. Fritz requesting information on how to obtain a copy of a marriage record from his office dated 1818.  

Four hours later I received a reply with the marriage record in question scanned and sent as an attachment to the email.  

When I replied back asking how much I owed the County of Fleming, he replied that it was "On The House."

I have to tell you it was the nicest thing anyone has done for me in some time -  I got warm fuzzies all over!

Thank you Mr. Fritz! 


  1. I received my first ancestral death certificate in the mail today! It came from Alameda County, California. It wasn't free like yours was but the $25 I had to pay for it was worth the cost as it gave us the maiden name, as well as her father's name, from one of our ancestors. The post you did with all the California Counties and how to request the records was very helpful! You made it so easy! Thanks so much!