14 April 2011

Where Have I Been All Week?

This entire week - April 10th through the 16th - is National Library Week.  Now, I knew this last week.  I was going to try and come up with the grooviest post ever to tell the world all about it.  I can't believe I let time get away from me like that.  I do recall hearing something whooshing past me the other day, but I never thought it was last week!  

This library week thing is a big deal people.  They even have their own poster boy!  Last year it was Neil Gaiman (a hottie and very gifted author) and this year it is John Grisham (not quite as hot as Neil, but a superb author in his own right).

So head on over to your local library.  If you really want to have some fun, you can play Stump The Librarian.  That's right, bring your toughest research problem along with you and hand it over to the reference desk.  Let me know if you're a winner.

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