10 December 2009

Happy Birthday To My Little Kris-Mouse

Twenty three years ago today I gave birth to my youngest son. He is currently my favorite son (I have three) because my oldest turned thirty one this past summer and I didn't like how old that made me. Having a child that is twenty three is so much more do-able so he has moved into the number one spot!
Kristopher was a tiny baby (6 pounds) and having him so close to Christmas I called him my little Kris-Mouse.

Me and my Kris-Mouse (c) December 1987
Kristopher has always seen the world a little differently than his two older brothers. He sees life as a great adventure. When he was three years old, he somehow crawled out his bedroom window in the middle of the night to take a stroll through the neighborhood. I had no idea that he was even missing until a knock at the door woke me up. A neighbor was standing there with Kristopher asking me if perhaps I was one son short. Kristopher had on his cowboy hat and boots and Ninja Turtle underwear and that was all. He had his Batman flashlight with him so he did not see what all the fuss was about.

I think that this is Kristopher (c) 1991
Kristopher is the only one of my sons who showed any artistic talent. He once drew a mural on two walls in my living room in only one afternoon with his crayons. He also showed some promise as a psychic at an early age. One day he came up the driveway with a shopping cart. In that cart was a puppy and a bag of dog food. "Look what they were giving away for free at the store Mom!" I wasn't pleased. I had told him only a couple of days previously that we could not have a dog in our little 2 bedroom apartment. "I even named him . . .his name is Chance." Well I ended up getting my brother to take the dog. He asked Kristopher why he named him Chance and Kristopher replied, "Because fat chance my mom was going to let me keep him."
One more proud moment I must share with you about my Kristopher. He is the only one of my sons that kissed the banana slug at 6th grade science camp.
I love my son with all my heart . . but Kristopher my dahling boy, you are twenty three years old. Let's go look for an apartment for you big boy!
Your Mummy Dahling!

December 2008

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