12 June 2009

74th COG - Bathing Beauty

It's Carnival time again - specifically the 74th Edition of the COG - Swimsuit Edition. You can read all about it over at footnoteMaven's place and then submit your own entry using the carnival submission form.

I haven't participated in the last couple of carnivals and feel just awful about it. When I read what the 74th COG theme was, I knew immediately that I had one and only one photo that fit the bill.

It is the only photo I have that shows a body of water. It is the only photo I have that resembles some kind of bathing suit. It is a photo of me taken at the beach in Southern California. The date on the back of the photo indicates that I am 2 years and 2 months old. It does not give the location of the beach.

I also mentioned some time ago that when I mow the lawn, I wear the Blonde Grass-Cutters of California official uniform - my bathing suit, flip-flops, hair piled up on top of head (a safety precaution), headphones and cigarette hanging out of mouth. Music and cigarette are the member's preference and of course, they are optional. While attending the Institute for Genealogy and Historical Research next week, my roommate is Tina Sansone who lives near Memphis. Tina talked about her experience at mowing her own lawn recently. I feel it is my duty to help her out and demonstrate the fine art of lawn mowing and the proper attire necessary to get the job done. Stayed tuned for Sheri Goes To Samford - Her Sophomore Year, The Adventure Continues.


  1. What a cutie. Love the head scarf. Have fun at Samford. Looking forward to a blog about your experiences.

  2. I loved your posts on your freshman year; I'll bet your sophomore year will be a hoot, too.

  3. Your photo is absolutely adorable! I love the little beach outfit! Have fun at Samford!

  4. What a sweetie pie! Love your lawn-mowing scenerio!

  5. You were a real cutie, Sheri!

    Looking forward to more on your Samford trip.