16 December 2008

Dear Genea-Santa.....

Dear Genea-Santa,

I've tried so hard to be good this year. I've been late with a few projects (like this one) but still managed to turn them in. Your elf Jasia said that we could have 3 wishes - 3 items from our ancestors.

First, I would wish for the original deed to the land that was owned by my 3rd great grandmother, Angeline Fulton Solomon. This land was located near Tescott, Ottawa County, Kansas.

Second, I would wish for the location of the tombstone of James Arthur Solomon, my 3rd great grandfather.

And for my last wish, I would like to have a photo of my 3rd great grandfather Daniel Derondo Delaney.

1 comment:

  1. Sheri:

    It seems many of us used at least one of our wishes for a photograph.

    And I am such a bad family historian because I have left almost no photographs of myself.

    Ah, the shame of it.