12 December 2013

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Archives

Today my good friend Susan Saunders-King picked me up and we headed up to the foothills of Tuolumne County to do some research in Sonora at the Carlo M. DeFerrari Archive and Record Center.

We decided to make a quick stop in Knights Ferry to visit the Oakdale Cemetery where Susan's family are buried.  On the road to the cemetery you will not believe what we came across!

"I think it's a camel"

"Are you a camel?"

 "It is a camel and it's getting ready to spit.  Run for your life!"

We finally made it to the Archives.  Susan had called Charlie Dyer the archivist ahead of time with specific records requests.  So when we arrived, all the records had been pulled and were waiting for us on the table in the reading room.

Very comfy public reading room at the archives

Tuolumne County has put together a very useful finding aid for their holdings.  You can download a copy of this 104 page publication HERE.

A brief list of Tuolumne County records in the archive:
Assessment, Auditor, Board of Supervisors, Clerk, Great Registers, Justice Court, Oral History, Naturalization, Probate, School Districts, Sheriff/Coroner/Jail ,Superior/ District Court, Treasurer,  and Tuolumne County Newspapers.

Carlo De Ferrari Archives
490 Greenley Road, Sonora, CA 95370
Phone: (209) 536-1163  


  1. Did you get the camel's name and parents names? Are the parents in the Tuolumne records?

  2. This is a left over from the Civil War.

  3. This is a left over from the Civil War.

  4. I love this! Your lucky day! That's a beautiful camel and trust me, not gonna spit at you (says the erstwhile expert). It seems you should keep at least a saddle blanket in the trunk of your car for another encounter. My imagination runs wild ...
    xo Brenda

  5. I'm speechless! A camel at Knights Landing? Why do these things happen to you?