09 December 2008

More About The Educated Genealogist

Boy oh boy. Thomas over at Destination: Austin Family sure has me pegged. The newest meme entitled "Forty Things About Me" asks you to name 3 people who you think will complete this meme (question #20). Thomas named Apple, Miriam and yours truly.

Well...it's very close to being a "Double-Dog Dare" and if you know me at all, I never walk away from one of those. So buckle up and let's take a ride!

Forty things about me :

1. Do you like blue cheese? Noooo!

2. Have you ever done something you regretted? Yes.

3. Do you own a gun? No.

4. What flavor of Kool Aid was your favorite? I still drink Kool Aid and I like the pink lemonade and the grape flavors.

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? No.

6. What do you think of hot dogs? I like them with chili and cheese.

7. Favorite Christmas movie? The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Coffee with 2 cream and 2 sugars.

9. Can you do push ups? I can do A push up.

10. Favorite hobby? Gardening and reading. Bet you thought I was going to say Genealogy didn't you! Well I do not consider it a hobby for me. It is a profession that I have worked hard to be good at. Well, it will be a profession once I have a paying client!

11. Do you have A.D.D.? No.

12. What's one trait you hate about yourself? I am too tight with the purse strings. My boys say that I squeak when I walk.

13. Middle name? Louise - Who wants to be Thelma?

14. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment?

a) I absolutely have to finish my Pro Gen homework - I am 2 days late already.

b) I have to finish decorating the roof of my house.

c) When I got married to Mr. Right, I didn't know that his first name was Always.

15. Name 3 drinks you regularly have? Dr. Pepper, Kool Aid pink lemonade and every now and then a shot or two of Jose Cuervo.

16. Current hate right now? Selective Stupidity.

17. Favorite place to be? On the beach.

18. How did you bring in the New Year? Which one?

19. A place would you like to go? With Brenda to go camel riding. It is on my list of things to do before I turn 60.

20. Name three people who will complete this:
Julie Tarr , Wendy Littrell and Amy Coffin

21. Do you have slippers? I have 10 pairs of slippers. What? Well you certainly do not expect me to my wear pink bunny slippers with my lime green jammies!

22. What shirt are you wearing? Are we supposed to be fully clothed when completing this meme?

23. Do you like sleeping on satin? No, I slip right off the bed.

24. Can you whistle? No, but I am not giving up.

25. Would you be a pirate? Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Jose.

26. What songs do you sing in the shower? This week it is "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" which I alternate with "Love Shack"

27. Favorite girl's name(s)? Sophia

28. What's in your pocket right now? See question #22

29. Last thing that made you laugh? My cat (Piggy-cat) getting stuck in the Christmas Tree this morning.

30. Favorite bed sheets as a child? Now what kind of question is that to ask a child!

31. Worst injury ever? I broke the index finger on my right hand in 4 places. It is crooked to this very day.

32. Do you like where you live? Yes.

33. How many TVs do you have in your house? 4

34. Who is your loudest friend? Danelle

35. How many dogs do you have? Zero.

36. Does someone have a crush on you? I hope so!

37. What is your favorite book? Anything by Anne Rice or Stephen King

38. What is your favorite candy? Chocolate Malt Balls

39. Favorite Sports Team? None.

40. What song do you want played at your funeral? This is a tough question for me to answer right now. I promise to answer this one at a later time.


  1. If you decorate the roof I'd love to see a picture. That's something that isn't done around here!

  2. Sheri - ok, I did answer! I enjoyed reading that your husband is "Always Right"! Great response! And if you finish the roof - could you please use all sorts of safety gear so the kids don't have to sell tickets!?