22 December 2008

Three Unknowns

The 9th Edition of Smile for the Camera is coming up soon. The prompt is "Who Are You - I Really Want To Know".

If we have any photos in our collection that are unknown to us, we should put them on our blog with as much information as we know about them.

In my entire collection of family photos, I have only three that are UFP's (unidentified family photos). Maybe they belong to your family?

The first is a lovely family photo that includes a nun. Oh how I wanted to be able to claim this as my own family. (You know how I feel about the sisters!). I have absolutely no information about this photo.

I call this second photo "The Two Brothers". This photo has a little clue that was written on the back - "Sunday Morning on Maple". Again, no idea who these charming young men are.

For all you football fans, the third and last photo I have is something I like to call "The Jock". Some one left us a little clue on the back of this photo as well - "D. Boldt Bachman". Or at least that's what I think is written there. No explanation on how this made it into my family photos.

If there is a possibility that one or more of these photos belongs in your family, just let me know and I'll be happy to send it on it's way to you!


  1. Sheri,

    Any idea on locations? The "Maple" reference is probably a street. I'm sure there are many, many, many Maple Streets and Avenues in the US, but if we had an idea what town, state, etc it might help.

    Great photo with the nun - again, if there is a location? Or a nationality? Who in your family last owned the photo? Maybe that's a clue based on the families of that side of the family.

    I've got a few of my own to post!


  2. Sheri, could that last photo also read "Dr. Boldt (and) Bachman?" It doesn't solve the mystery, I know.

  3. Great pictures. My father-in-law had a picture of a football player from the 30s and I thought is was someone in the family. He told me, no, it was a friend of his that played with him on his high school team. I need to post it and see if anyone recognizes it.

    I know how you feel about wanting the group with the nun to be your family members. Always neat to have someone of that stature in our family tree.

  4. I'm flabbergasted that you have ONLY 3 unknown pictures!

  5. Just some quick guesses:

    The first photo appears to be in the 1905 - 1910 range, based on clothing and hair styles. This was not a poor family; they appear middle-class with the wall-papered interior. I'm also guessing that some of the adults were siblings to each other, but not necessarily children of the seated older couple, although the infant and some of the younger children could be grandchildren of the couple.

    The second photo looks to be in the early 1950s. And the third photo perhaps was taken in the 1930s.

    I hope all our comments help you figure these people out!