10 December 2008

Picture Puzzle

This happy family is my grandmother Maryellen Harris and her parents Hazel Bertha Berry Harris and Hillery T. Harris. My grandmother is the only child they ever had, but she told me that they had more fun together than a family of 10.

It appears from this photo they are having a great time being silly. The banjo Hillery is playing looks so small in his big hands. Speaking of hands, I'm not sure what Hazel is doing with hers, but she is laughing.

As for my grandmother - what is the paper or book in her hands? I have tried to blow this up but it is too fuzzy. Maybe Santa will bring me a good photo editing software program for Christmas.

In the meantime, here is some information on the three stooges above that may help us find out what Maryellen is holding.

The photo was taken about 1924-1926. The house is in Allen County, Kansas just outside the town of Elsmore. The little family of 3 were pretty well off financially. Hillery was a supervisor for the Kewanee Oil Company (no longer in business). Hazel did not work outside the home.

I'd love some help on this - anyone out there have a better photo program than I do? CSI where are you when I need you!

UPDATE: Jasia over at Creative Gene was kind enough to take a good look at this photo and says that Hazel has a harmonica in her hands and Maryellen is holding up a song book or sheet music of some sort. She wasn't able to make out the picture or title though. Well, wadda ya know, musicians in my family! Thank you Jasia for your help.


  1. I think Hazel is holding a harmonica and Maryellen is holding a song book. I think the family is performing a concert!

  2. Jasia,
    I think you are right! It does look like a harmonica. Now what is the title of the songbook my grandmother Maryellen is holding?

  3. I tried to sharpen the picture to see the songbook title but the image is too low res and it just looks pixelated.

    If you want to send me a high res scan (300 dpi) of the photo I'll see if I can figure out what the songbook title is.

    imjasia at yahoo dot com