05 December 2008

On Superheros and Clever Mr. Tucker

Mark Tucker over at ThinkGenealogy has an interesting proposition for all Super Heros and Genealogists. He asks, "If Superman were a genealogist instead of a super hero what would he stand for?"

Mark challenges us to give 3 reasons why we do genealogy. Each reason must begin the sentence with “As a genealogy super hero, I lead a never-ending battle…”

Here is my response I gave to his challenge.

As a Genealogy Superhero, I lead a never-ending battle to:

1. Turn county clerks everywhere away from the dark side

2. Save genealogists everywhere from the evil metermaids lurking outside every repository in the nation waiting to ruin a great research day with a parking ticket

3. Change public opinion that genealogists are not geeky nerds - we can Happy Dance anyone under the table!

Take a few minutes to visit Mark's blog and add your own response to his challenge

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