20 February 2010

Simply Shocking - An Outrage!

A dear friend and fellow Graveyard Rabbit - Ruth Coker Burks has made a gruesome discovery. The water in Lake Hamilton in Arkansas had been lowered this winter and while strolling on the shores this past weekend came across what she is certain to be her great grandmother's tomb - open and exposed to the elements.

Sometime during the Great Depression a land developer got rid of the tombstones to conceal the fact that a cemetery occupied the land and sold it to people who then built fancy homes on the shores of the lake.

Ruth says that beginning March 4th, they will raise the water in the lake again. I have contacted Ruth and advised her to call all the newspapers and T.V. stations in her area in hopes that some one can assist her in perhaps moving her great grandmother's tomb. If there is anyone out there who can help Ruth or has any suggestions please contact her.
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