14 February 2010

SNGF - A New Valentine Memory

Over at Seaver's Place, romance is in the air as Saturday Night Genealogy Fun celebrates Valentine's Day. Our mission, should we choose to accept it:

1) Recall a memory of a Valentine's Day in your life. Is it the first love of your life? A special day with your lover, spouse or significant other? Do you have a picture of a Valentine's Day event, or a special Valentine that you received, to share?
2) Describe your Valentine's Day memory, activity and/or image in a blog post of your own, a comment to this blog post, or a comment on Facebook.
3) Have fun remembering a special day.

My husband and I are fairly recent newlyweds. This past January marked our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Sounds romantic.

HOWEVER, we have been living together for the past 17 years. Doesn't sound quite so romantic now does it?

Well I got to tell you, in all these 19 years, not once has my husband ever bought me a present for Valentine's Day. About 5 years ago he bought me a card. It had a picture of a dog peeing on a tree and the caption was "Hap-pee Valentine's Day." I kid you not.

Well this year, my "reason for living" surprised the hell out of me and presented me with my first ever Valentine's Day gift. Imagine my surprise when I opened this:
Nothing says love quite like a Hoover.


  1. Well you could say "he swept you off your feet"!!

    Great post!

  2. Clearly he's looking for some of that naked vacuuming action.

  3. Another Mr. Romantic! I'm in good company.

  4. O sweet looking one, how sorry to hear your "reason for living" is a human, tenuous that may be. AND also one who finds an object of house work to be a gift of love!!! But then it is your 19 years so there must be something there. Seems like after 44 years we (at this end) think so much alike as flowers arrived for each of us from each of us along with a little sweet chocolate and a nice card.

    hugs - norm

  5. I'd only call it romantic if he promised he'd use it twice a week for the life of the vacuum! I love a man who'd do the vacuuming for me.