06 February 2010

SNGF - The Super Bowl of Genealogy

I really had fun with this week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun over at Randy Seaver's place. This week he wants us to play in the "Super Bowl of Genealogy" and here are the rules:

Tell us about your dream game of the Super Bowl of Genealogy! * Where would it be played? * What teams would play? * Who would be the head coaches? * Who would be the stars of the game? * Who would win? * Who are the cheerleaders?* If you were playing in the game, what would be your dream play?

Well thank the Genea-Gods above I have been saved from trying to figure out the different player positions. I have 5 younger brothers, 3 sons and 1 husband and I do not really give a hoot about sports. I am not an athletic, sportsy kind of girl.

"But wait Sheri", I hear all of you saying. "I thought you told us that you were a cheerleader in high school" to which I must EDUCATE you all once again. One did not have to know anything about sports to become a cheerleader. It just was not a pre-requisite back in the day. The only requirements were that you could lift your body off the ground at least 2 or 3 inches while jumping, enough coordination to clap in time with the rest of the girls and that you hated P.E. class. If you were a cheerleader in my day, you need not ever step foot in that repulsive gymnasium or girl's locker room.

Our old friend, Terry Thornton of Hill Country HOGS Webpress, has come out of hiatus not only to play in the Genealogy Super Bowl, but he wrote a great scenario and cast all the players and cheerleaders. You can read it HERE.

Terry does a great job of casting all the players for the East Coast Team - "The Hill Hogs" and the West Coast team - "The Genea-Cats." The cheerleaders for the West Coast team - "The Genea-Cats" are:

Chery Kinnick of Nordic Blue

Donna Pointkouski of What's Past Is Prologue

Wendy Littrell of All My Branches Genealogy

Well I may not know anything about football, but I am a brain-ee-ack when it comes to pom poms and if there is anything my mother taught me it is this - ALWAYS dress for the occasion. With that in mind, I give you the Genea-Cats Cheerleaders!

Terry only named 4 of us but my high school picture (yes that is really me wearing the "C") of the cheerleading squad fit perfectly with a little altering of the letters (originally Grizzlies). So rather than having nameless faces, I made the extra girls into cats. I do hope Chery, Donna and Wendy don't mind the liberty I took. I hope they appreciate that I have put them into the body of a 16 year old cheerleader for the day.

Rah Rah, Siss Boom Bah.


  1. LOL. But why would I cheer for the West coast team when I've spent my whole life on the East coast?

  2. OMG, I love that picture!!! I cannot post on Terry's FB page, but can you tell him for me that I will love him forever for making me a cheerleader? GO HILL-HOGS!!!!