19 February 2010

Playing With Pictures

Here it is Friday night and I am looking for a diversion of any kind. It has been a long week. So I am reading through blogs posts in my google reader and come across a suggestion from Ian of Ian Hadden's Family History. Try using a nifty little program called Shape Collage for your family photos.

Well I did and here are a couple of the results:

It is a small file that downloads in seconds. It is so easy to use - just load your photos and click on the shape of the collage and voila! Instant fun. You can even make shapes of your own design. And the best part? It is totally FREE!

Thanks to Ian Hadden for sharing this cool tool!


  1. Wow, that's a really cool idea! A good way to see more than just one scanned photo at a time too. Thanks for posting this! Nikki