14 February 2010

Off To A Great Start

I started competition yesterday and am off to a great start in the 2010 Winter Geneablogger Games. I competed in all 6 categories. Here are the results:

Category 1. Go Back and Cite Your Sources
I completed 10 which puts me at Bronze Medal Status. 40 more to go to reach my goal of 50.

CATEGORY 2. Back Up Your Data
This was easy peasy. I use Mozy which backs my hard drive up into the clouds.

CATEGORY 3. Organize Your Research

I completed Task C - organize at least 20 photos into photo albums, scrapbooks, collages, protective holder, etc. I put mine into an archival safe box made especially for photographs.

CATEGORY 4. Expand Your Knowledge
I had alot of fun completing Task E - create a surname visualization using Wordle, Word It Out or a similar application. Post the graphic to your blog. I used Wordle.

CATEGORY 5. Write, Write, Write
Task C - prepare several posts in draft mode and pre-publish them. Done.

CATEGORY 6. Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness
Task F - Join a genealogical, historical, heritage or lineage society.
I had let my National Genealogical Society membership lapse last year, but yesterday joined again. I am going to the NGS Conference in Salt Lake City in April and you get a discount on registration if you are a member.

Whew! That was a workout. I am taking today off to rest up for competition in the games tomorrow.


  1. Oh my gosh, what a day. Congratulations on great progress!

  2. Wow!! You really got a lot done! I need to catch up, I only got my NGS membership renewed and about 5 citations done so far.

  3. Busy busy! Congratulations on the great start.

  4. Those little blue "athletes" running around are too cute!

  5. Great progress! I'm envious...it's my own fault, I'm slacking today just because I'm tired. lol I will pick it up tomorrow and work harder.

  6. Great start! I'm looking forward to the competitions and your future posts.

  7. Great start! I'm looking forward to the competitions and your future posts.

  8. Workout, yes. Who can keep up with you, LOL.