22 February 2010

The Women In My History

The 21st edition of Smile For The Camera is "Give Their Face A Place." These are a few of the women in my own personal family history. Six generations of daughters and mothers. This particular line of women is special to me. The chain ends with me as I have three sons and no daughters.

I have always wished I had an ancestor that looked like me, but it isn't in this line. They are however, most beautiful to me.


My Mother
her Mother

Maryellen Harris Skillman
her Mother
Hazel Berry Harris

her Mother
Laura Cordelia Robinson Berry
her Mother
Margaret Dilks Robinson


GrannyPam said...

I think you look quite a bit like your mother and grandmother, at least in these photographs.

Amanda Acquard said...

I agree with Pam, there is definitely a family resemblance.

Apple said...

You are certainly your mother's daughter!

Luckie said...

Adding you to my FAV list Sheri! That is quite a generation album you have there! I agree with GP ~ you look a lot like Mom!:-)


Tonia said...

Oh, I'm so jealous that you have so many photos of your direct maternal line. Beautiful ladies, all.