21 September 2008

The Workshop - Day 2

Did I mention how smoothly the workshop went yesterday? No? Well it went like clock -work.
Today was a different story.
The focus and draw was how and where to search online with hands on experimenting for attendees. The library had given us the computer lab room especially for this. As I entered the library for today's session, I was taken aside and told that the internet server for the library crashed.
There was a slide show presentation by a library employee on how to use ancestry.com from the library so I had her start her show. The library version of ancestry.com is different than the one I access from home with my subscription. The group shared their experiences about online searching and seemed like they were happy with the program we did have available.
The turn out was just as good as yesterday. 28 people. Half of them had been at the workshop yesterday and the other half were new faces.
Then I let them ask any questions they might have on any topic pertaining to genealogy. The group today was a regular United Nations. Philippines, Canada, Japan, Samoa - all of them wanted to know how they could find records from those countries. I really didn't know where to find Samoan records online or Japanese or Filipino records. So I suggested that they google it. I tried to encourage the genealogy mantra - Start with what you know. The best part was that most stayed to mingle and chat with each other afterwards for at least 30-45 minutes!

I was worried about disappointing the people because they were not getting the program that was advertised, but they all seem like satisfied customers when they left.
Again..I am so pleased with myself I can't stand it.
Yippee Ki Yeah and cha-cha-cha!

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  1. Congrats, Sheri!! Way to roll with the punches. I think I might have freaked out when I heard the internet was down. WOW!