12 September 2008

I Have Become Link Color Challenged!

I must be having an extremely blonde moment and am in fear of putting the "brain explosion" theory to the test. I have tried 6 ways to hell and back to make the links on my last post the color BLUE. Only the last 2 links held the color, the rest refuse to change even when I brought out the whips and chains! Help me Mr. Blog Wizard!


  1. I'm not the blog wizard, God only knows... but it looks like your link color is orange. And it looks like you tried to force it to be blue using the color palette on the Blogger edit panel when you compose your post.

    Why didn't the others turn blue when you tried to change them manually? Is that your question. I'm afraid that God only knows... kind of a circular argument, eh?

    Not a blonde thing, or a bald thing, just a mystery. Don't knock yourself out trying to figure it out. Just enjoy the ride. There are more important things to do than spend an hour trying to change a font color. I know...I've tried too. There are more useful things for you to do.

    Cheers -- Randy the blog non-wizard.

  2. Sheri:

    The stylesheet sets the color for links. Go back into Layout > Fonts & Colors.

    There are two types of links > Link and Visited Link. If you want your links to always be blue set these two to the color blue.

    You can not have a different link color for each link. Links are controlled by the stylesheet. That's why you can't change them in the post.

    Hope this helps!