25 September 2008

It Must be Genetic

6th Edition of Smile For The Camera

Show us that picture that never fails to bring a smile to your face! An amusing incident, a funny face, an unusual situation. Choose a photograph of an ancestor, relative, yourself, or an orphan photograph that tickles your Funny Bone and bring it to the carnival. Admission is free with every photograph!

I almost did not participate in this edition. I did not have a photo I thought funny when I looked at it. Until I got an email from my very own "Mummy Dahling." It seems that she read my post on setting goals. The email contained no words, only this photo.

I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! I'd better tell you a little about "Mummy Dahling" so you can be in the groove of it. My mother is a lovely woman, a little uptight, a lot of prim and proper and can give Martha Stewart a run for her money. I have never seen my mother without makeup on, her hair done and dressed as the occasion is befitting. Her motto is when you look good, you feel good. Sent me to ballet classes, Wendy Ward Charm School, and the list goes on. I have never lived up to her expectation of "class".

Until this photo arrived, I never thought my mother had much of a sense of humor. I am sure that the photo came without words from her so that if I ever wanted to discuss it with her, she could claim she didn't have any idea what I was talking about.

For those who didn't read my post on setting goals here is a quick explanation of why I find this so funny: I rode on a kiddie ride in front of a grocery store - my mother is trying to show me that she kinda of did the same thing before I was even born.


  1. What a great picture! You should post a picture of you on the kiddie horse in front of the grocery store next to Mom's picture---like Mother, like daughter.