22 November 2008

The Problem With Two Blogs

Well, it's not really a problem unless you are me. ( I have explained to you the delicate nature of brains that are housed in blonde-haired skulls in many previous articles)

Over at The Educated Graveyard Rabbit, I write about cemeteries, headstones, etc. At this time, about 90% of it is about my family. After I post the articles, I start feeling like that information should be on this blog as well. I am not happy with just posting a short public service announcement about my other blog's recent articles and sticking a link in.

What to do? What to do?

I am going to double post, double blog, whatever you want to call it. If what I write at the Rabbit applies to this blog, then I will have the same article in both blogs and vice versa.

This is the plan for the moment. I could have an epiphany next week and change everything again. That's the beauty of having your own blog - You can do whatever you want to, when ever it strikes your fancy. (For those who don't have a fancy, you may insert a substitute part of your choice)

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