23 November 2008

The Genealogical Source That I Am Most Grateful For

I don't think I have any ancestors from the geographical area described by this carnival, but the guest host - Elizabeth over at Little Bytes of Life - said that it wasn't a requirement to submit to this carnival. Well you know one of my mantras - Don't start the party without me!

The genealogical resources that I am most grateful for?

I am always thankful for anything that helps me become a better researcher as well as a better person but for this event I am going to single out the resource that is the most recent and perhaps most valuable - The community of Genea-Bloggers that I interact with on a daily basis. The majority of them meet in a group at Facebook - some 350 of them!

I would not have moved ahead with my career plan and life had it not been for these groovy people. They probably don't even realize how much they affect my work and my self esteem. Ever had a day when you wrote an article for your blog, posted it and thought, "Boy this is a really crappy or boring article - no one will even look at it." Then only to return to your blog the next day and find that a comment had been left by someone who really liked it.

In the year that I only lurked around the blogsphere and ever since I have become a part of it, I have NEVER observed any petty spats, jealously, fake smiles, etc. This community of people truly cares about helping each other out. Never failing to give praise when merited. Never once failing to cheer one another on in their quest to become better historians and family researchers.
Never fearing to give constructive criticism where needed. A blogger couldn't ask for a more perfect learning and growing environment.

Knowing that I may have done or said something along the way that has helped one of my peers leaves such a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy.

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