24 November 2008


As I was scrolling through my recent articles posted to my blog, I came across a draft with no title. When I opened it, all that was on the page was the banner shown above.

OMG! I forgot to write for Julie's meme over at Genblog by Julie.

Her meme asks us to name 2 things that we are thankful for. (Watch me attempt to pull a rabbit out of my hat and kill 2 birds with one stone)

I am twice as thankful for understanding, forgiving and compassionate genea-blogger friends like - just say for instance - oh, I don't know - Oh wait, I know - like Julie!

I must step away from the computer and unplug the mouse and keyboard which I will give to my husband. He will then hide them until tomorrow. Don't laugh, it's the only tried and proven method that has worked to date!

Mummy Dahling will be here in just a few hours. First Thanksgiving she has shared with my family in 5 years. It will be an interesting day.

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