21 November 2008

Carnivals, Memes and Cookbooks - Oh My!

There are oodles of writing events for the next couple of weeks. In order of the deadline for submission:

The 10th Edition Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture
"For The Love of Ireland"

An invitation for you to share what you love about Ireland and Irish culture. Deadline for submissions is this Saturday, November 22nd, the one-year anniversary of the carnival. This edition will be published at Small-leaved Shamrock on Monday, November 24.

The 13th Edition Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy has a guest host - Elizabeth O'Neal at Little Bytes of Life.
In honor of Thanksgiving, the topic for this edition is: "What resources are you thankful for in your Central/Eastern European genealogical research?" A resource could be a web site, book, family member... anything or anyone that has helped you with your research.
Even if you don't have Central or Eastern European ancestors, please feel free to share a resource, tip, or process that you think might be helpful for people doing research in those areas. Submissions are due on November 23rd, and the edition will be published on Thanksgiving, November 27th (a little light reading while your turkey is digesting). You can submit your articles here, or you can send an email to Elizabeth.

Thanksgiving Meme & a Game of Tag

Julie over at Genblog wants to know what you are thankful for.
Write a blog post telling us about 2 things you are thankful for. You can post the Thanksgiving Day banner in your post if you like. Tag one person to spread the love. Post a comment on their blog so they know they've been tagged. Send Julie a link to your blog post by 11/25: genblogjulie@gmail.com. She will post all submissions on 11/26.


Geneablogger Cookbook

An opportunity to share a family recipe that brings back memories! As the holidays approach I thought it would be fun to share our favorite recipes. Now, now, no need to share family secrets! Simply email Colleen at omchodoy-at-comcast.net and she will email you a template for sharing a family dish and the history or a memory it represents and she'll compile the collection into a book. The end product will either be a Book Smart type published book for purchase or an electronic collection that can be downloaded for free! The recipe does not need to be related to the holidays, and can be for any course: Appetizer, main meal, dessert, snack, etc. Deadline to submit will actually be November 30.


61st Edition Carnival of Genealogy - Traditions!

Dictionary.com defines "tradition" as, "the handing down of statements,beliefs, legends, customs, information, etc., from generation togeneration, esp. by word of mouth or by practice."

What traditions were passed on to you from an earlier generation? Do you keep those traditions? What tradition(s) will you or have you passed on to a younger generation?

The Deadline For Submissions Is December 1, 2008

8th Edition Smile For The Camera - Stocking Stuffer

Show us that picture that would make a great Stocking Stuffer and tell us whose stocking you'd stuff.

Choose a photograph of an ancestor, relative, yourself, or an orphan photograph that is your Stocking Stuffer. Your submission may include as many or as few words as you feel are necessary to describe your treasured photograph. Those words may be in the form of an expressive comment, a quote, a journal entry, a poem (your own or a favorite), a scrapbook page, or a heartfelt article. The choice is yours!

Deadline for submission is midnight (PT)10 December, 2008. Use the handy submission form provided by Blog Carnival (http://blogcarnival.com/bc/submit_4058.html) or send an email to the host, footnoteMaven (footnoteMaven@comcast.net). Include the title and permalink URL of the post you are submitting, and the name of your blog. Put 'Smile For The Camera' clearly in the title of your email!

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