27 September 2011

My First Article Over At The Catholic Gene

By now I am sure that everyone has heard about the new collaborative blog called THE CATHOLIC GENE.  
From the "About Us" page of our blog:

The Catholic Gene was founded by a diverse group of friends who share two common things: a love for both genealogical research and the Roman Catholic faith.  Most of the authors were “born Catholic” and  some came to the faith later in life.  Some aren’t actually Catholic but appreciate the faith as much as the rest of us.  We hope that this blog will provide readers with useful information about the Catholic faith and genealogy.
The Catholic Gene’s mission is to present various aspects of the faith of our fathers…and mothers.  But we’re genealogists at heart, so we’ll present the faith as seen through the eyes of a family historian.  Whether it’s details about ecclesiastical archives,  our ancestors’ churches, vintage photographs, personal reflections, or lives of the saints in genealogical records, The Catholic Gene will offer something for everyone.

You may now  be excused to click on over and read my awesome tribute to St. Vincent de Paul