11 September 2011

7 Years of Blogging - Give That Man A Cigar!


For anyone who hasn't met Craig Manson, he has got to be the most interesting, smartest, talented, engaging . .   oh! and cute,  he's really kinda cute.  For anyone who hasn't read Craig's  Geneablogie I am here to tell you that you are missing some of the most exceptionally well written articles in the geneablogging world.

Recently Craig wrote a three part series on the Reliability of Oral Histories - The Forensic Approach to Evaluation.  Start with reading part one HERE

One of my favorites is Grandma For Sale: A Cautionary Tale and the follow up post  How To Sell Your Grandmother Guilt-Free because he use me and my predicament as the example.  Another post dealing with copyright issues and photographs can be found HERE

Craig and I with our serious faces

Craig and I not able to keep serious faces

Craig's life in general gives him a unique and thought-provoking dish to bring to the genea-table.  A graduate of the U.S. Airforce Academy and a Colonel in the Air National Guard, he served as a Superior Court Judge, he is an expert in law and public policy and was an adjunct professor for many years at one of the top law schools in California.

In 2001, Craig was nominated by President Bush and unanimously confirmed in January 2002 by the U.S. Senate as Assistant Secretary of the U. S. Department of the Interior for Fish, Wildlife and Parks making him the first African-American to serve in that position.

Craig is an "Expert Author" over at Archives.com and The Catholic News Agency recently had an article about Craig and an article he wrote about early (1606) Black Catholicism.

I am such a lucky girl to have a friend like Craig Manson and honored that he "friends" me back.


  1. I'm so jealous...I haven't gotten to meet Craig yet in person! Many more happy blogging days to Craig!! I, for one, would greatly miss his musings in the blogosphere should he ever retire from the seemingly dozens of amazing jobs he has.

  2. Neat post! So nice to see each of you! Congratulations, and many more to come! ;-)

  3. Lovely tribute to an outstanding friend!

  4. Lovely tribute to an outstanding friend!

  5. I had not heard of Craig but I just subscribed to his blog. Thanks for telling us about him!

  6. Yup, Craig is definitely awesome - one of the genea-bloggers I most want to meet in person!

  7. Congratulations to your friend Craig...and even with your serious faces, you two look happy. LOL!

  8. Hey, cigars all round! Craig is a true Renaissance Man, And an all-round good guy too. Great tribute, Sheri.