30 September 2011

In Which She Is Published For The Very First Time

It's been a red letter day for me here at Camp Fenley.  This morning I met a fellow geneablogger for coffee here in Stockton.  Jacqi Stevens, who is the author of A Family Tapestry, lives right here in Stockton.  How could that be?  A geneablogger living here right under my nose and I didn't catch the scent?  Well she had been flying under the radar, but now that we have met she will be  more visible.  Got her to join the San Joaquin Genealogical Society and have her hooked to become a member of DAR.  When we met at the coffee shop it was the same old story - we immediately hugged each other - felt like we'd been BFF's since forever.  We yacked and yacked and before we knew it 3 1/2 hours had passed!

As if that wasn't enough good vibes for one day, when I got home I found that my article I wrote about my SIL's family has been published!  My very first article to appear in a print magazine!  I can't stop dancing around and  whoo-hooting long enough to even tell my husband what I am so excited about.  He just shook his head and said he was going fishing and he would see me tomorrow.  He sees this kind of behaviour from me all the time  so nothing fazes him anymore.

My article entitled "David Nathan Walter:  Jewish Pioneer of San Francisco"  has been published in The California Genealogical Society's magazine "The Nugget."  Oh there are other articles in this edition also.  Amy Coffin has the cover story about RootsTech 2012.  You can read about that and others by heading over to the California Genealogical Society Blog.  Tell them the Whoo-Hooter sent you!

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