06 September 2011

San Francisco Treats!

Today I stumbled upon a great find.  Over at Internet Archive I found a huge collection that has been contributed by the San Francisco Public Library.  Everything can be viewed online or  you can download them as a PDF file all for FREE!

Application for Marriage Licenses in San Francisco for 12 December 1912 to June 1915

12 December 1912 to 14 February 1913

14 February 1913 to 24 June 1913

24 June 1913 to 15 December 1913

14 December 1913 to 15 June 1914

14 June 1914 to 14 January 1915

April 1915 to June 1915

Other Vital Records I found of particular interest to the San Francisco researcher:

Re-recorded Marriages 1860 - 1973 in the same book as Index to Marriage Certificates July 1904 - August 1905 and September 1905 - 17 April 1906

San Francisco Death Certificates 1 July 1904 to 1 December 1904
#1 to #338
#339 to #695
#696 to #1018
#1019 to #1325
#1326 to #1677
#1678 to #2030
#2031 to #2300
#2601 to #2900
#3201 to #3500

Vital Records from the Trinity Episcopal Church in San Francisco - Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1849 to 1 July 1906

Vital Records from the San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin for the years 1856, 1857 and 1861

Records from Tombstones in Laurel Hill Cemetery 1853 to 1937 -  These records were complied by Five San Francisco Chapter National Society Daughter of the American Revolution.  There is a note inside the book on the title page "Where there are burials after 1900 (except for 1906, on and immediate following the earthquake) these are ashes, cremated remains"

The Great Register of Voters for San Francisco County - 1866   The Great Registers are especially valuable if you are looking for a naturalization date and place. Some years you will even find a physical description of the voter.

For those researching property in San Francisco, block books are a fantastic resource.  City block books are similar to county plat books, both give the names of the owners.  There are more San Francisco block books besides the ones I mention below.  Just do a search on "San Francisco Block Book."

The Handy Block Book of San Francisco showing size of lots and blocks and names of property owners in 1894

The San Francisco Block Book for the years 1901 and 1907

Merys Block Book  of San Francisco 1909 - maps were made from the block books of the City and County Assessor of San Francisco  

If you were wondering how they got to San Francisco and what their trip may have been like then take at look at 

The Pacific Tourist 1881illustrated trans-continental guide of travel, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean; containing full descriptions of railroad routes across the continent ... a complete traveler's guide of the Union and Central Pacific Railroads

You will also find many of the following (too many for me to list here separately) at the Internet Archive and all are available to read online or download as a PDF file and all are FREE:

Social registers and society blue books and club rosters 
Local family histories
San Francisco and other bay area city, county and business directories
Oral histories of local residents in the San Francisco bay area

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  1. All those outstanding resources, and I don't have any ancestors who hail from San Francisco! I'll just have to hunt through the Internet Archive for some Ohio resources:) Great info!!