09 September 2011

I Knew Him When . . .

My friend Johan Mathiesen, who is the author of a cemetery blog called  Blogging A Dead Horse, is now the author of a book!  A description of the book from the Publisher:

"MAD AS THE MIST AND SNOW,"   Oregon’s cemeteries tell the stories of pioneers, Native Americans, boom towns, and ghost towns. And many of these stories have long gone unheard.

Until now.
Mad as the Mist and Snow is a traveler’s guide to Oregon's most celebrated and unique cemeteries. Organized into 18 regions and including detailed driving directions, this book profiles more than 200 cemeteries, including such legendary cemeteries as Lone Fir, Jacksonville, and Willamette National.
Author Johan Mathiesen has traveled to each and every one of these cemeteries and provides detailed profiles that highlight unique historical events, famous residents, and the evolution of headstone designs. Mathiesen also highlights which cemeteries around the state should be on every traveler's and historian’s “must visit” list — and why.

To view Johan's exceptional  photo collection of cemeteries and the most unusual headstones I've ever seen, visit his photo site on Flickr:  Dead Man Talking.

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  1. The book sounds like a very fine project we can all envy. So nice of you to help promote it. I LOVE his blog title and have to go there right away!