20 April 2010

Conference Week - Why One Pair of Shoes Does NOT Work For Me

I am beside myself - actually I am frothing at the mouth, horrified by why I just read over at Dick Eastman's blog. Here I was, casually browsing through blogs and stopped at his because he promised to share some packing tips. What started out as very useful information, took a hard left turn and became ugly when he says:

"I also take only one pair of shoes; namely, the shoes that I am wearing. I then pack clothes to match those shoes. Carrying an extra pair of shoes consumes a lot of space in your suitcase! You only need one pair."

Heretic! Blasphemer! I only need ONE pair of shoes??????? AND I should match my clothing to that one pair????

Jayzuzz, Mary and Joseph - this is not humanly possible. How can anyone expect me to wear lime green sandals with my orange and magenta dress? Or my lemon yellow wedgies with the cute red capris and matching top?

Fashionista sacrifice? I think not.

Then, just when I thought mankind had lost all sense of reasoning - salvation arrives in the form of
The You Go Genealogy Girls blog. Girl #2 writes about Girl #1:

" . . . she packs an outfit to match each little purse, and shoes too."

What a relief! I feel so much better! I'm off to begin the practice packing. Tune in tomorrow for lessons on this lost art form.

ps. umm, perhaps maybe we shouldn't mention my little meltdown to Mr. Eastman. There are only so many places I can hide.

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