05 April 2010

The Best Monday Ever ! Part Dos (That's Spanish for two ya'll))

Wow. All I can say is Wow. Meeting up with Becky and Craig has been the highlight of my year.

I was so excited to meet Becky, I was outside my house waiting for her to drive up. When I saw her vehicle drive up, I opened up the car door and hopped inside and gave her a big hug. The connection with her was immediate. I don't think we stopped talking until she dropped me back at home later in the day! Yack, Yack Yackety Yack! My mouth hurts from talking and laughing so much today.

I had met Craig at Jamboree last summer but today got some quality time. I know I already told you how simply charming this man is but he is also a bone fide Brain-ee-ack. Today though, all formalities were out the window.

The three of us - it was like we had known each other for years, finishing each others sentences I think we discussed every topic known to mankind.

After vowing to meet again at Jamboree this summer, we headed to the parking lot to rumble with the local gang take photos.

Craig and I posed for Becky first with our "seriously, we mean business" faces

Then we had a giggle fit

Becky and Craig get it right the first time

Craig, what the hell are you doing?

OK Funny Guy, cut it out!

Ah here's the one we wanted!

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