20 April 2010

Conference Week - Why One Pair of Shoes Does NOT Work For Me

I am beside myself - actually I am frothing at the mouth, horrified by why I just read over at Dick Eastman's blog. Here I was, casually browsing through blogs and stopped at his because he promised to share some packing tips. What started out as very useful information, took a hard left turn and became ugly when he says:

"I also take only one pair of shoes; namely, the shoes that I am wearing. I then pack clothes to match those shoes. Carrying an extra pair of shoes consumes a lot of space in your suitcase! You only need one pair."

Heretic! Blasphemer! I only need ONE pair of shoes??????? AND I should match my clothing to that one pair????

Jayzuzz, Mary and Joseph - this is not humanly possible. How can anyone expect me to wear lime green sandals with my orange and magenta dress? Or my lemon yellow wedgies with the cute red capris and matching top?

Fashionista sacrifice? I think not.

Then, just when I thought mankind had lost all sense of reasoning - salvation arrives in the form of
The You Go Genealogy Girls blog. Girl #2 writes about Girl #1:

" . . . she packs an outfit to match each little purse, and shoes too."

What a relief! I feel so much better! I'm off to begin the practice packing. Tune in tomorrow for lessons on this lost art form.

ps. umm, perhaps maybe we shouldn't mention my little meltdown to Mr. Eastman. There are only so many places I can hide.


  1. This is simply the difference between men and women. My husband takes two pairs: one he wears on the plane and golf shoes. I, on the other hand, take nearly as many pairs as days we will be gone.

    I also sent you an email a couple days ago - did you get it?

  2. So OK we both thought of it at the same time. You don't have to pay me after all. Glad you will give us a suitcase blow-by-blow ... the right way, the GIRL way.

  3. Just my pair of sneakers...no sense in changing shoes. Probably just one pair of extra pants too.

    Should I bring all of my genealogy T-shirts? Linda's embarrassed by the "Genealogy is A Lot Like Sex" one and refuses to wear her "I'm Married to a Sexy Genealogist." Hmmph. I checked JMKGifts today to see if there was a shirt I really wanted - saw a few!

    Now where is my magenta and lime Hawaiian shirt so I can match Sheri several days next week?

  4. You ARE all taking sunglasses too, right? Particularly for the morning after those legendary conference dinners, when the orange and magenta and lime hues might be a little bit hard on the eyes.....

  5. Ladies - Thank you for the validation. I simply do not have the time to see a therapist before I leave for SLC!

    Seaver - if you share your M and M's with me, twin dressing will not be required, but would be a lovely gesture.

  6. Thank you Sheri! My sentiments exactly!

    BTW he also says he only takes one suitcase. HA. I am flying Southwest where two let me repeat TWO suitcases fly free (not including the carryons).

    Shoes, sunglasses. I've got room for them all. Comfort and style are the name of the game.

  7. Randy, I will bring my Hawaiian shirt collection!

    Mother, oh dear...you are going to want to take me shopping before the end of the trip. I can guarantee it.

  8. Hmmm. My poor arthritic feet (with large bunion) have me wearing distinctly un-stylish boat size things on my feet. I have a white pair to walk in and wear a black pair, and hope no one looks at my feet.

  9. I think you've given me a good excuse to go shoe shopping (even though I won't be packing). I've only picked up three pairs for this year's conference. I need a couple more. Thanks Sheri!

  10. I have never been a shoes person. I either wear black shoes or tan sandals. I am planning on sandals for the conference. I could travel lite like Eastman!

  11. I couldn't agree more. Me to husband: "I AM being restrained. I'm only taking my faaavorite pair of boots." And besides, you can pack many things inside shoes and boots, so they hardly take up any room at all.

  12. LOL! I would pay well, or pretend to, to see a photo of "twins" Sheri and Randy!

  13. I got your back Sheri! I'm as casual as they come and even I have more than 1 pair of shoes at conferences.

  14. Pleased it's not only me :-) the daily wear cowboy boots don't translate to evening wear, comfy tho they are!

  15. How can anyone just take the pair they're wearing? The way I remember high school home ec is that the healthiest thing to do is let shoes air out between wearings! The least I've ever packed is one pair, but usually it's two pair in the suitcase. I do have a lot of trouble limiting the number of t-shirts, though ....

  16. I wish I were going! I'd go barefoot just to get there!

  17. Sheri,

    Thanks for reminding me about mentioning shoes! Loved the post and your humor is so needed.

    With regards,